Sonitotum Episode Eight – Do They Know It’s The First Of May?

It’s a very special episode of Sonitotum, where I and several prominent podcasters perform Jonathan Coulton’s Springtime anthem, “First Of May,” ensemble style.

This song was a favorite of beloved podcaster Joe Murphy, who passed away one month ago today. If you enjoy the song, and can spare the funds, please consider a donation to the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund, which helps fight the cancer that took Joe, leiomyosarcoma.

Enjoy… and no, “First Of May” is not safe for work.


  1. Linda Dusseau says

    I am considering making a small donation but would like to know what organization the funds will be going to. I would like to make my check out to them in Joe’s memory. My husband also has leiomyosarcoma. Thanks for helping raise money for this awful disease. Linda Dusseau

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