Social Media Policy

If you’re interested in connecting with me on a social network, I’m humbled and honored. Please do read this before you send your invitation or initiate the connection.

Matthew Wayne Selznick On Social Networking Sites

I’m on a variety of social networks as a matter of research and professional awareness. Practically speaking, however, I’m truly only active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Matthew Wayne Selznick on Facebook

I maintain a personal Facebook page and a page for my creative endeavors. Here’s how to decide whether you should “Friend” or “Like.”

facebook_50x50Matthew Wayne Selznick Creates is for fans of my creative endeavors. If you want to connect with me because you enjoy my writing, my music, my videos, my podcasting, blogging, and so on, please Like this page.

facebook_50x50My personal Facebook page is primarily for people I actually know and consider friends to one degree or another. Nearly everything I post on Matthew Wayne Selznick Creates gets posted here, too. If you want to keep up with my creative endeavors and also get the occasional meme, rant, and other more personal stuff from me, by all means, friend me up!

While I have a “come one, come all” attitude about friend requests on this page, if our connection is tenuous or it’s been a while since we’ve been in contact, send me a Facebook message explaining who the heck you are. If I don’t recognize you and we don’t have a personal connection I’m aware of, I will probably relegate you to “Acquaintance” status.

Facebook Ground Rules

Matthew Wayne Selznick Creates is a promotional venue intended to both market products and services I provide and connect with clients, customers, and fans. Expect me to be selling and promoting to you on those pages. It’s what they’re for. By the same token, I will delete unsolicited promotional posts from others on those pages. Don’t self-promote on those pages without asking permission beforehand in a different channel.

My pages on Facebook, while certainly fun and, hopefully, entertaining places where discussion and discourse can take place, are ultimately my places. I may, on occasion, declare certain topics off limits or certain conversations closed. Please respect that. Similarly, my personal Facebook page is not your soapbox or megaphone. You probably have your own Facebook page for that. I will enforce these guidelines with a heavy hand.

Matthew Wayne Selznick On Twitter

twitter_50x50I’ve been on Twitter since March of 2007, so I’ve had plenty of time to develop a user philosophy when it comes to that network. In a nutshell, I follow back when I see evidence that the person is using Twitter as a social human being.

If you use Twitter mostly to re-tweet, to post links, to promote the thing you’re selling, or as a quote wall, I will not follow you back. If your profile is incomplete, or locked so that I can’t see your tweets, I will not follow you.

If I do follow you and it’s obvious you use an auto-responder to direct message me with a promotional offer after I follow you back, it’s likely that I will unfollow you.

The bottom line with Twitter? I treat it like a giant cocktail party, with conversations flowing around the room I can dip into and join if I like. If you wear a sandwich board at the party, or worse, you send a robot in your place… I’m not interested in interacting with you there.

Matthew Wayne Selznick On LinkedIn

linkedin_50x50I use LinkedIn strictly as a professional networking tool. As an author, creator, and creative services provider, my skill set appeals to a wide variety of professionals.

I’m much more likely to accept your invitation if you write something other than the default LinkedIn connection message. Please show me you’re a person, and tell me why you’re interested in developing a professional connection with me. If I accept your invitation, I’ll usually send you a message asking how you’d like me to help you.

Matthew Wayne Selznick On Google Plus

googleplusI was an early adopter of Google Plus. While I’m not as active there as I am on other social networks, I do maintain a page.

Matthew Wayne Selznick On Other Social Networks

I’m on a lot of them, that’s for sure, but I’m really only active on the ones mentioned above. If you really want to connect with me on a different social network, try searching for me there… you’ll probably find me!

On Affiliate Links

I have affiliate marketing arrangements with several products and services I personally use, have used, or personally endorse. This means when you purchase a product or service through a link I provide on a social media network, I may receive a small commission. My commission does not change the price you pay for the product or service in any way.

amazon_50x50Please note that in the case of and some other online retail outlets, I may receive a commission on anything you purchase after using my affiliate link. Therefore, my endorsement of and similar sites is for the service they provide and not necessarily for the products you might purchase through that service.

On Frequency and Appropriate Use

I check some social media networks just a few times a day and others just a few times a week. Please do not use our mutual social networks for time sensitive, high priority, or confidential communication.

E-Mail Frequency

I check e-mail three to four times a day at most. Please allow at least twenty four hours for a response.