Do you know how many web sites I have?

Close to a dozen. About half a dozen are active. Last year, my business card had more words on it than some pieces of flash fiction, trying to fit all that stuff on there. It was a little out of hand.

My card now has three sites on it. This one, MWS Media, and MWS Media Podcasts. ‘Cause really, that about covers it.

Last year, my “freelance year,” my life and my time was open, and fluid, and pretty undisciplined. Now that I’m at Mahalo, at least thirteen hours of five days every week is locked down. I love my job, but this means the remaining hours of the week have to be utilized in the best possible way. The Hobos put it best: “The Day Shall Not Be Wasted.” Indeed.

See, here’s the thing. I had some fifteen months, give or take, without a full-time day job. Creatively, it was perhaps the least productive year I’ve had in a long time. Apparently, a bit more structure is needed in Mister Selznick’s life. I have that now, to be sure. Now comes the time to, as much as possible, centralize all the scattered pieces that make up my work habits, my internet presence, and my bizarre, networked social life. It also means letting go of some obligations, both legitimate and assumed.

I’m very open to hear how others have dealt with this kind of compression, this transition, if any of the little dinner party who reads this blog have something to offer. For now, here’s what I’m gonna do:

  • Bring my writing projects — past, present, and future — over here to Matt See a recent post at Pilgrimage for more thoughts on that. Essentially,, “Pilgrimage,” and the woefully overdue “Wordhouse” will all redirect to their own pages over here, as well as a-brewing projects.
  • Streamline my mailing list by (gasp) utilizing a third-party service rather than rolling my own. “But Matt, that’s so un-DIY of you!” Rule number one — a rule I sometimes neglect for various complicated psychological reasons — is “Never let the tools get in the way of the work.” Using PHPList or Dada or some other script slows me down because they’re more of a pain in the ass than, say, Yahoo! or Google Groups. So that’s coming up.
  • Let go of freelancer Matt. I don’t have the time to work a full time job, create my own art, and do freelance stuff. Oddly, I feel a weird sense of guilt when I have to turn down a job, especially when the work comes from clients who gave me the bulk of my jobs in my Freelance Year. This, again, stems from some very interesting psychological stuff, like it being easier (safer) to do stuff for other people than take risks making my own stuff. ‘Nuff of that.
  • Close MWS Media Hosting to new accounts as of July 1st. You heard it here first. I’ll keep existing clients, and I hope they hang around a long time, but I’m not going to add any new ones after the end of June, 2007. So if you want some really cheap web hosting with reasonable uptime, act now, callers, ’cause this offer won’t last forever!

All of this is going to require some work, and some thought. For example, what does the MWS Media web site become if the hosting and freelancing shingle is taken down? A portal of sorts, I guess… or perhaps it serves no purpose at all? Why couldn’t it redirect to yet another page on this site? Gotta keep the domain going, of course — it’s the first one I ever registered, way back in… 1996? Can’t recall. Been a while.

This has been another one of those “read along while Matt puts his ducks in order in public” posts, but I appreciate your reading, and your feedback and best practices and ideas — I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a few weeks, but only typing it out and releasing it has really given me the drive to do anything about it. So thank you, dinner party.

Time to go to work!


  1. says

    I have never written more or read more or created more than the years after my daughter was born. While “real life” tends to make you tired, it also stimulates your mind as well as makes you view your free time as precious. When you have 24 hours free, it’s hard to decide when in that time you’re going to create, while if you have one hour free, it’s pretty clear.

    Good luck!

  2. Ryan E Stevenson says

    Absolutely true. I am very glad to hear you say that you’ve decided to tackle more of your personal projects than the freelance efforts offered to you by others. The self-gratification alone … oh, the rewards to be reaped. :)

    Not only that, but your DIY and artistic ethic means that’s more art and expression for us all to consume! Yay consumption!

    All the best!

  3. Dianne says

    I have heard so many people suggest the massive amounts of stuff that they would do if they had some extra time. It is wrong much of the time especially when it comes to creativity. We are made by those busy times spent in the chaos of everyday life. And so many people think that the bells and whistles are going to make things easier but they only make for distractions from our dreams and ambitions.
    It has become apparent in the last six months or more of reading your blog entries that you need to work out the bugs in the system. Perhaps this plan of yours will improve things for you. I sure hope so. And when you see a problem then change. We are meant to adapt to our conditions.

  4. chrispian says

    As per the rules of tagging, you’ve been tagged. I apologize in advance, but if I must suffer, I’m brining you people with me!

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