MWS Media And The Return Of Variant Frequencies

MWS MediaAt the end of July, Rick Stringer announced that his groundbreaking, award-winning speculative fiction podcast Variant Frequencies, which had been dormant for some time, would be fading from the web. I thought that was a shame — there’s a lot of great speculative, horror, and otherwise weird fiction presented in “full color audio” on that site. I wanted to make sure the archive remained available for all to hear.

And so it shall. MWS Media is now the honored host of Variant Frequencies on the web. The site officially re-launched recently with an announcement from Rick.

Now everyone can listen to over a hundred episodes of audio fiction, including a little piece by Matt Wallace and DM Moehrle called “Old Tricks” wherein yours truly lends his voice talents.

Can MWS Media Help You Like We Helped Variant Frequencies?

You may or may not know about my creative services company, MWS Media. Through MWS Media, I help independent creators, small businesses, non-profits and the entertainment industry bring creative endeavors to fruition, to market, and to an audience. One of the ways MWS Media does that is by offering inexpensive web hosting.

Can MWS Media help you..? Let me know!

Meanwhile… are you a Variant Frequencies fan? What’s your favorite episode..? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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