My First Podcasts Are Available Again

In late September / early October, 2004, I heard Adam Curry interviewed by Leo Laporte on AM talk radio about a new thing called podcasting. Sounded pretty good to me. A couple of weeks later, I released the first episode of the MWS Media Radio Show Podcast (later renamed the DIY Endeavors Podcast). For more than five dozen episodes, I tried to spotlight DIY, independent music, spoken word and other creative endeavors from all over the world.

I recorded using a very inexpensive lapel mic, twenty dollar mixing software, and rolled my own RSS feed.

It was early days, my friends. Very early days indeed. This was before Liberated Syndication, before Podcast Alley, before the Association of Music Podcasters, and before “podsafe” music. Indeed, for my first episode, I didn’t *have* any indie, unsigned music to play… so I played what we used to call “college rock” bands that had been an influence on my own musical tastes. Unthinkable today, in late 2004 podcasters weren’t so concerned by the specter of the RIAA and played pretty much whatever they wanted.

With very rare, very special exceptions, future episodes featured nothing but DIY, independent artists whose work was approved for podcast use and, in most cases, unaffiliated with any label. My show was one of the first to hold to that standard, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I released the last episode of the DIY Endeavors Podcast on June third, 2007. There were sixty six episodes (plus the lost episode 43!) in all.

Restoring A Bit of Podcasting History: The MWS Media Radio Show Returns

For a long time, the MWS Media Radio Show / DIY Endeavors Podcast hasn’t been available anywhere on the web. From now on, though, thanks to the wonderful mission of the Internet Archive, the entire series is preserved for posterity and available for listening, downloading, and your pleasure.

Get the entire archive of the MWS Media Radio Show / DIY Endeavors Podcast at the Internet Archive, and while you’re there, please consider donating to ensure this resource survives for decades to come.

Dip into the MWS Media Radio Show / DIY Endeavors Podcast, and please share your memories of the show, the early days of podcasting, and those early “podsafe” artists in the comments!

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