Everybody says he doesn’t care, but he’s just trying to remember the days of wine and roses. Will it make a difference? The answer is in one of Four Stories!

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Pay What You Want For Novels, Short Stories, Non-Fiction, and More!

Things work a little differently in my shop than you might be used to.

When you browse my books, short stories, non-fiction works, or other creative endeavors, you’ll see that each item has a suggested price… but it’s all up to you whether you heed that suggestion! You’re encouraged to pay what you want: as little as the minimum amount (often a token price, or just enough to cover production costs), the suggested amount, or any amount you wish. You decide.

Why Pay More Than The Suggested Price?

I’ve adopted the “pay what you want” model to strike a balance between my desire to share my creative endeavors with as many people as possible and my belief that creativity deserves compensation.

When you pay more than the suggested amount…

  • you help subsidize the folks who can’t afford more than the minimum. That’s nice of you!
  • you make it easier for me to dedicate more time to making more stuff. That’s love.
  • I’ll donate 10% of any amount over the suggested price to 826 National, a non-profit that works for child literacy. How cool is it that you’ll play a part in creating the next generation of writers?

Shop Around!

Take a look around. Pick up a book or two or three. And thank you, in advance, for enjoying my creative endeavors!

The Sovereign Era

cover image of brave men run by matthew wayne selznick
cover image of pilgrimage by matthew wayne selznick
cover image for the world revolves around you by matthew wayne selznick
cover image of the sovereign era year one by matthew wayne selznick

Daikaiju Universe

cover image of reggie vs kaiju storm chimera wolf by matthew wayne selznick


cover image for cloak by matthew wayne selznick

Literary Fiction

cover image for four stories by matthew wayne selznick


cover image of reading the amazing spider-man volume one by matthew wayne selznick
cover image for worldbuilding for writers gamers and other creators volume one star planet moon by matthew wayne selznick


Anyman - The John Smith E.P. Cover Image