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Thanks for wanting to know a little bit about Matthew Wayne Selznick! That sentence you just read was for the benefit of search engines and represents one of the few times I’ll talk about myself in the third person.

I’m an author and creator living in Long Beach, California. As a creative services provider (read and download my qualifications brief), I help creators, companies, and agencies bring creative endeavors to fruition, to market, and to an audience.

I write novels, short stories, and serials in four different storyworlds:

  • The Shaper’s World: a fantasy setting featuring three different interacting hominid species, the Magn, the Faien, and the Gundynal. Can they share the Shaper’s World and also protect it from incursions from Outside?
  • The Sovereign Era: an alternate history primarily set in the last decades of the twentieth century, when the sudden appearance of people with remarkable powers and abilities upsets the delicate, dangerous Cold War balance of power and forever alters the course of human destiny.
  • Daikaiju Universe: an alternate history wherein humankind is challenged by periodic manifestations of improbable, often ridiculously enormous beasts of unknown origin and purpose.
  • Protector: a world much like our own, save for the fact that generations of reluctant men and women sacrifice themselves to protect humanity from the shadows behind the shadows and other alien, occult threats.

I write literary fiction that doesn’t belong to any particular storyworld, and non-fiction.

I host The DIY Endeavors Podcast, wherein I share my progress as a DIY, independent creative entrepreneur and offer tips, best practices, resources, and tools. Now and then, I invite other DIY, independent creators to answer five questions related to their creative process, progress, and prospects.

I’m also a musician with over two hundred songs. Very occasionally, with varying results, I write poetry.

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