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Thanks for wanting to contact me! I try to be very accessible, so I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

How you contact me depends on why you want to reach me:

Contact Matthew Wayne Selznick Via E-Mail

E-mail me at

  • If you want to comment on one of my novels, short stories, non-fiction works, or other creative endeavors
  • If you’d like me to be a guest or interview subject
  • If you’d like me to write something for you
  • If you want to collaborate on a creative endeavor
  • If you’re a personal friend and somehow lost track of all of the gazillion other ways to find me

E-mail me at

  • If you want to hire me, or want to figure out if you should hire me
  • if you want to talk about something for which you hired me
  • If you want to license any of my creative works
  • If you want to report an error found on this website
  • If you want to report a typo or error found in any of my novels, short stories, non-fiction works, or other creative endeavors
  • If you have a question about something you purchased from me on this site

Please remember that e-mail is not real-time communication, and it’s not the best medium for urgent matters. While I check e-mail several times each day, I might not reply immediately. Don’t panic. Please allow at least twenty four hours for a reply.

Contact Matthew Wayne Selznick Via Telephone

For urgent matters, please call +1 760-964-8044. Yes, that’s my personal mobile phone number.

Here’s the deal: if you call and I don’t recognize the number or you don’t appear as one of my contacts, I will let the call go to voicemail.

Leave a message.

If you don’t leave a message, I’ll assume it’s not important enough for me to call you back, and I’ll wait for you to e-mail me or something.

Even if I do recognize your number, I might not answer. Don’t take it personally. I’m old enough to remember the days when we didn’t have telephones at our sides every waking moment of the day. If I’m driving, or eating, or deep in thought, or working on something, or… heck, you get the idea. I might opt to not answer the phone. Leave a message. If it’s truly urgent, I’ll call you right back.

As for what constitutes “urgent,” well, I ask that you use your best judgement. If hundreds of dollars aren’t being lost by the minute… if no one is bleeding, unconscious, dead, or dying… it’s probably not urgent. Send an e-mail.

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Be A Guest on The DIY Endeavors Podcast

I’m interested in interviewing DIY, independent creators of all kinds on the DIY Endeavors Podcast.

What Prospective Guests Should Know

Interviews on the DIY Endeavors podcast aren’t meant to be timely promotional vehicles for whatever it is you’re releasing this month. Rather, I’m interested in a conversation that helps me (and the listener) get to know you as a person and as a creator. In fact, I don’t prepare a foot-tall stack of blue index cards full of research before talking with you.

Instead, I ask every guest the same five core questions, and from there, the conversation branches and digresses… conversationally!

Discovery happens in the conversation itself, which, ideally, leads in unexpected and intimate directions.

I’m specifically looking for creators who are willing to be open, thoughtful, accessible, and transparent. If you’re not comfortable with that, this isn’t the show for you.

Sound like fun? Please write with the subject line “DIYEP Guest Solicitation.”


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