Who will rescue the kidnapped infant prince… and will they save him… or kill him? Find out in LIGHT OF THE OUTSIDER!

"I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make."
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As life-long creator, a pioneering independent author and publisher, podcaster, and creative coach and mentor, I believe in the interconnected and complimentary relationship between an artist and those who experience art.

It’s my mission to add to the culture: to the wellspring of human experience… both by telling stories and making things, and by helping other people bring their creative endeavors to fruition and to the world.

My exclusive membership community serves both elements of that mission by providing me with resources to tell more stories and make more things, and by gathering creative people like you in a space where you’ll find encouragement, mentoring, support, and friendship.


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  • Member Chat

    The chat server is a place to hang out with fellow writers and other creators… and me! As the community grows, we’ll create additional channels. Get in early and earn GOAT / OG credentials!

  • Uncut, Unedited Podcast Episodes

    Hear everything that didn’t make it into the publicly released, produced version of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick, my podcast on making things, finding success, and staying healthy and sane in the process… plus special content intended especially for patrons!

  • Monthly Live Video Group Chat

    Join me and your fellow patrons on a monthly live streaming video call — and you get to help choose the topic! Pick my brain for advice on writing, indie publishing, world building, podcasting, or anything related to DIY, independent creative endeavors… ask me anything about my books and storyworlds… chat about movies, TV, and books we love… whatever you like!

  • Exclusive Wiki

    Access to my wiki, an ever-expanding resource featuring unrestricted access to the inner workings of my various storyworlds and other creative projects. All my secrets are yours!

  • Serial Fiction

    Every installment of Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started,” my fiction serial set in the Sovereign Era storyworld (Brave Men RunPilgrimage).

  • Credit and Acknowledgement

    Every patron gets recognized by name and, when possible, by likeness / avatar and website link-back on this very page, plus by name in the acknowledgements section of every work of fiction and non-fiction released during their patronage, and at the end of every episode of Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick.

  • E-Books, Audiobooks, and Other Digital Products

    Every Multiversalist patron receives any and every digital product I release during their active patronage: e-books, audiobooks, music, PDFs suitable for printing and framing… if it’s made of bits and bytes, it’s yours.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Access

    How’s it made? Multiversalists get glimpses into my creative process when I share notes, sketches, snippets, fragments, outlines, mind maps, and other ephemera related to my works in progress… and we’ll talk about it in the chat channel!

  • Works In Progress Access

    Access to my works in progress: drafts, demos, sketches created on the way to finished prose, poetry, songs, and art. Whenever possible, you can watch me at work via the special WIP-TV video chat channel, too!

  • Discounts on Services

    Patron-only discounts on my services assisting authors, podcasters, and other creators.

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Giving Back and Other Goals

As I mentioned way up at the top of this page: It’s my mission to add to the culture by telling stories and making things, and by helping other people bring their creative endeavors to fruition and to the world.

Your pledge helps me do the first thing by making it possible for me to spend more time creating. However, your pledge will also foster the second thing. Here’s how.

Every month with twenty or more patrons, I will donate 10% of my net patron-derived revenue to 826 National, a top-rated non-profit dedicated to helping young people become writers through resources, opportunities, education, and guidance.

Other Goals

Click each goal for details!

  • Writer's Newsletter

    Every month with at least forty patrons, I’ll share a special issue of Your Commonplace with every patron. Your Commonplace features quotes, links to compelling articles, writing prompts, and other items and notes from my very own personal commonplace book.

  • Monthly Short Story

    Every month the patron community is at least 150 people strong, I will write and publish a short story and make it available in e-book, audiobook, and limited-edition chapbook formats. All patrons will receive the e-book and audiobook editions, with a special deep discount on the chapbook — autographed and personalized, too!

  • All Expenses Paid

    Can you imagine 700 patrons in this community? When that happens, your patronage covers my cost of doing business, my rent, and my utilities, taking a huge pressure off of me and granting me more time, energy, and resources for making fiction, non-fiction, music, podcasts… and more time to support and grow the community. At this point, MWS Media Creative Services becomes a part-time job and the majority of my time is spent creating and helping you create.

  • Patron Spotlight

    It’s my hope that patrons aren’t just here for my creative works — you probably have your own creative endeavors cooking, too! So long as there are at least fifty patrons in the community, I’ll regularly feature one in a brief interview on the Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick podcast.

  • Cost of Doing Business

    At 250 or more monthly patrons, web hosting and servers, various recurring subscriptions to services and software, Internet bills, and all the rest of the various and sundry expenses related to maintaining my creative services and creative endeavors business will be covered. This goal met also means I swap one workday for a creative day dedicated to making stuff for you and helping you make stuff.

  • Full Time Creator

    When you number 1,200, I will make creative endeavors my full-time job, all but eliminating my need to work for clients. All day, every day writing books, making music, producing podcasts, and helping you with your own creative endeavors through mentorship and instruction.

  • A Real Lush and Lavish Studios

    When there are 2,400 or more patrons, the lush and lavish studios of MWS Media will become more than just a metaphor. I’ll rent actual office space dedicated to creating resources and instruction for local and online creators, and, of course, my own writing, music, podcasts, and more.

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