Harry Turpin’s losing his girl… and maybe his mind! Find out why in CLOAK!

Brave Men Run

Storyworld: The Sovereign Era | Series Name: The Charters Duology
Reading Order: 01 | Stand Alone? Yes
Genres: Alternate History, Coming of Age, Fiction, Speculative Fiction | Editions: E-Book, Printed Books, Quality Paperback

April, 1985: superhumans exist! Do you know what your children are..?

“I was used to eating alone…” High school sophomore Nate Charters is barely making it. His unusual appearance, hair-trigger nervous system, and over-active metabolism marked him as a target for the jocks and cool kids long ago, and it’s not getting any better.

Then, on Declaration Day, Nate is astounded as anyone by the existence of metahumans, and their audacious demand for autonomy… but there’s also the continued unwelcome attention of his most annoying rival to deal with… and is a self-assured older girl really interested in someone like him?

To top it off, who is the mysterious Dr. Brenhurst, and what’s his connection with Nate’s long-dead father?

Life just got insanely complicated.

It’s time for Nate to solve the mystery of his origin and find his place in a world of mounting uncertainty and peril. Is he part of a powerful new minority? Or just a misfit among misfits?

He’d better find his answers quickly. A shadowy organization seems to know more about him than he could ever imagine.

And they’re closing in…

BRAVE MEN RUN is the Parsec Award nominated fan favorite that helped change the indie publishing landscape. Find out why tens of thousands all over the world are Team Nate!


0) Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started” (free online serial)
1) Brave Men Run
2) The World Revolves Around You
3) The Sovereign Era: Year One
4) “Canary In a Coal Mine”
5) Pilgrimage
6) “The News From Bewilder Pond”


This revised, expanded edition of BRAVE MEN RUN is definitive. It replaces the “orange” edition and the Swarm Press “green” edition. Make sure you’ve got the right story! About 65,000 words.

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