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Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure

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Drawing on nearly two decades of experience and expertise coaching and mentoring new and upcoming independent authors, pioneering independent author, veteran self-publisher, and author services provider Matthew Wayne Selznick outlines the three essential elements all authors must establish before publishing your first book: your indie author infrastructure.

With a strong focus on building a life-long community of readers, friends, and fans around your work, Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure spells out the tools, services, and technology required and recommended, as well as the philosophy underlying the engine of connection that is your indie author marketing infrastructure.

From the Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What You’ll Learn
    • Why Listen to Me?
  • The Three Elements
    • Infrastructure: What Does it Mean?
    • Why Does it Matter?
    • What Are the Three Elements?
    • Your Website
      • Why You Need a Website
      • Your Domain Name
      • Your Host
      • Your Software
    • Your Mailing List
      • What Is a Mailing List
      • Why Do You Need a Mailing List Provider?
      • Your Most Important Asset
      • Bringing People into Your Community: The Value-Add
      • Choosing a Mailing List Service Provider
    • Your Social Media
      • A Necessary Evil
      • Create an Author Account
      • …Go Where Your Readers Live
      • …But Don’t Be Everywhere
      • Social Media Serves You
  • Putting It All Together
  • Getting Help

Does some of that seem obvious? Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure goes beyond the rote common sense you’ll hear in forums and user groups and gets to the why of it all… and, in many cases, why the lowest hanging fruit is not always the way to go.

You can spend scores of hours scouring blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and books to learn about the essential elements of your indie author marketing infrastructure… you can spend hundreds of dollars for one-on-one consultation sessions with the author… why not take an afternoon to read through Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure and give your self-publishing career a foundation and head start that will put you months ahead of the game?

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An Excerpt from
Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure


This book is for you.

You’ve written a book—maybe it’s your first; maybe it’s your fiftieth—and you’ve decided to self-publish. Other than creating an e-book, at a minimum, and maybe print (paperback or hardcover) and audiobook editions, you’re wondering what else you need to set up.

This book is for you.

You’re on the Internet, of course, and you have a few social media accounts to keep up with your friends and maybe your co-workers, but so far, you haven’t made an effort to build a social media presence as an author. Maybe that’s because you’re brand new; maybe you just haven’t bothered so far. It seems like a lot of work… and for what?

This book is for you!

You’ve seen other authors’ websites, so you have a vague idea that you probably should have one, too… but you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with it, or how.

This book is for you!

Almost every one of those author websites you checked out want you to subscribe to a mailing list. Is that really necessary? What’s the point?

Yeah, you’ve come to the right place. This book is for you!

What You’ll Learn

This is important: What I’m about to teach you is meant to be as evergreen as anything on the Internet can be. While I mention some particular brands, products, and services in the pages to come, the underlying strategy, tactics, and philosophy don’t require you to choose the products and services I recommend.

This book is about the marketing infrastructure you must establish to have a chance at success as an independent author.

After you’ve read this, you’ll know:

  • The three integral elements of your indie author marketing infrastructure
  • How those elements are interconnected and interdependent
  • Why each element is indispensable and integral

Why Listen to Me?

Hello, dear reader. My name is Matthew Wayne Selznick, and I’m a bona fide self-publishing pioneer and author services provider who’s helped dozens of writers and authors bring their creative endeavors to fruition, to market, and to an audience.

You could say I started self-publishing as a teenager in the pre-digital early 1980s, when I wrote and printed short stories featuring not-so-thinly veiled versions of my friends, ran off photocopies, and shared them around with anyone who’d take them off my hands.

A little later, I founded, edited, and produced print litzines (amateur literary magazines) with a few friends. RFD, Samizdat, and THING were created with primitive personal computers, scissors, and glue sticks. They enjoyed distribution in coffee houses, bars, and record stores across the western United States.

Not long after the dawn of the World Wide Web, I created some of the first webzines (a registered periodical published only on the web), Sovereign Serials, and later, Multiverse Magazine. Both featured contributors from all over the world, and the latter was a paying market. Collected stories from Sovereign Serials were even sold in e-book formats, nearly a decade before the Kindle.

When I completed my first novel, Brave Men Run, in late 2005, there was no question I would self-publish. But I took it a step farther.

Brave Men Run was the first novel in history with a simultaneous debut in paperback, e-book, and podcast formats. A Parsec Award nominee, the favorable fan response to that little book—and the unique triple-threat release strategy—helped me build a global community of friends and fans in the tens of thousands.

After a fruitful detour producing websites, viral features, and apps for motion pictures and television shows from nearly all the major film and TV studios, in 2011 I became a full-time creative services provider helping authors and other creative people… all while continuing to write and release my own novels, short stories, serials, and non-fiction works.

Most of my clients are repeat customers. Many, I’ve had the honor of serving for the better part of a decade.

This book represents foundational, fundamental wisdom and best practices I find myself teaching again and again as a coach and consultant. It seems everyone interested in self-publishing needs to know this stuff.

So here we are. This book is for you, and you should listen to me.

Let’s get to it!

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