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Fiction and Non-Fiction

A Multiverse Of Storyworlds — Experience a late twentieth century where super-humans exist… be awestruck by an Earth plagued by giant monsters… stand with those who stand against the shadows in the shadows… examine the frailties of human experience… explore a wholly original epic fantasy setting — these are storyworlds presented in my novels, short stories, and serials.

Tools and Guidance for the Writing Life — My non-fiction work is dedicated to helping you be a better creator, technically, emotionally, and ethically.

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The Sovereign Era

Experience an alternate history of the late twentieth century, where people with remarkable powers and abilities make themselves known at the height of the Cold War era and upset the delicate international balance by declaring themselves “sovereign” — independent of the authority of the nations of the world.  This storyworld will feature several novels, short stories, anthologies, and serials.

Daikaiju Universe

On a planet Earth much like our own, horrific, ridiculously large, ambulatory forces of nature have been a periodic fact of life since the 19th century! The Daikaiju Universe storyworld will feature novels, short stories, and anthologies.

The Protector Cycle

They protect us from the shadows that lurk in the shadows… but at what price? The Protector Cycle will feature connected short stories and serial fiction.

Literary Fiction

Short stories, vignettes, novelettes, novellas, and serial fiction that don’t fit in a particular genre niche.

On Writing and Creativity

Books and booklets examining the creative writing art, craft, and life, including critical works and handbooks.

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