Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights

How It All Got Started 006: Lina
Free serial fiction from author and creator Matthew Wayne Selznick.

Monday, June 18, 1984

Lina studied Eric. She felt a distinct separation from herself, as if her awareness was a fraction of an inch removed from her body and her thoughts a split-second behind her actions. She felt compulsively precise.

She was drunk.

Man, that didn’t take much.

She laughed.

“I’m gonna help you?”

Eric smiled. He had thin lips. His dark eyes gleamed. Lina focused on the slight laugh lines that spread from the outside corners of his lids.

“If you want,” he drawled.

“I’m confused.”

“I’m not all that surprised,” he said.

She wagged a finger at him. “I’m not done!” She picked up her Road Runner glass, swirled the ice around, and put it back down. “Why should you be the one who gets to make the laws? How would I help… and… why should I, anyway?”

Eric extended an index finger from a loose fist. “First: because experience is power, and you need the experience.”

His thumb unfurled.

“Second: you do it just by being what you are.”

She liked that. She closed what little distance there was between them on the narrow bench. “Oh yeah? What am I?”

He pointed his finger at her and dropped his thumb: bang. “You’re new. Young. Inexperienced.”

Lina’s eyes widened with half-feigned indignation. “Inexperienced!”

Eric leaned back against the bench. “Totally.”

“I’ll show you inexperienced, Mister Finn.”

Lina leaned forward and kissed him. His narrow goatee tickled her lower lip.

Eric’s tongue slipped into her mouth. It was a pointed, crowding, welcome invasion, though blunted somewhat by the numbing effects of the vodka.

The sensation of distance from herself made making out a little like a wanna-be out-of-body experience. The idea of being her own voyeur excited her.

Eric broke the kiss and moved his tongue along her jaw. He nipped at her neck. His tongue traced circles around the contours of her ear, sending a line of hot intensity straight into her belly and lower still.

She heard herself groan, and the spontaneity of her own body’s reactions fed her excitement. She strained to get closer to Eric, but the space between the table and the bench made everything awkward.

Eric must have felt the same frustration, because he pulled away from her. They were so in sync!

He looked at her. His eyes were hooded and dark. “You want power?” His voice was husky. “You want the experience?”

She wanted a lot of things. “Yeah.” She nodded.

He slid out of the bench, cleared a space on the table, and leaned back against the edge. “Come here.” He motioned to Lina and guided her until she stood in front of him. “Better.”

He put one hand on her ass, another behind her neck, and pulled her toward him.

They kissed again. Lina playfully ground against the stiff mystery in his pants.

The hand on her ass moved up to the short hair at the back of her neck. His other hand found its way between them. What was he..?

He broke their kiss and pushed himself up to sit on the table, which creaked, but held. “Time for experience,” he whispered.

Lina looked down.

There was Eric. No more mystery.

She had only ever seen pictures. The real thing was gross and fascinating and strange and compelling all at once.

He took her hand and guided her toward him. She resisted automatically.


He let go. She was almost touching it. She stared. He was… twitching, or… bobbing?

“Are you…” She giggled. “Are you doing that?”

“Not deliberately.” He shifted on the table. “Touch it.”

“For the experience?” She giggled again.

The distance was back. She wanted another drink, but her glass was on the table behind Eric. It was mostly melted ice by now, anyway.


She brushed, barely, against the head with the tips of her fingers. It was very smooth. Her stomach quivered.

She looked at Eric. His eyes were closed. He exhaled.

“That feels good?”

He opened his eyes and fixed his gaze on her hand. “It feels like it’s going to feel good.”

She watched his face as she wrapped her hand around him. He was warm; simultaneously firm and slightly yielding. Her mind tried to relate the feeling to something else, and failed.

She squeezed slightly. His hips bucked and he slid in her grip. He grunted.

Surprised, Lina let go.

“Kneel down,” he said. “Kiss me.”

That didn’t make sense to her. At first.

She was both irritated at her brief confusion and suddenly scared.

She let out a nervous laugh. “Whoa, cowboy. I…”


“I don’t know if I’m…”

Lina glanced down quickly. His dick twitched. It was purple, alien… angry? She moved her gaze to his face and kept it there.

“I mean… Ian and Tammy, they’ll be coming back…”

Eric’s face clouded. “We’d hear him coming. That’s not it.”

Lina flinched. “Why…”

“This is the way it works, Lina. You want to experience things?”

“Sure, Eric, but…”

“Look.” He smiled, but she knew it was too late. He was pissed. “You wanna be a little girl, all safe and sheltered like your daddy wants?”

The smile flattened.

“Or, maybe you want to grow the fuck up? I don’t need to hang out with a child, Lina. Is that what you are?”

The vodka was past being fun and well on its way to upsetting her stomach, which was tight from the threat in Eric’s words. She felt dizzy.

“No, Eric… I’m just not… I didn’t want it to be…”

“To be what? It’s all experience, Lina.” He snorted. “What, you want a big bed with rose petals on the sheets? You think it’s like in some stupid video?”

Automatically, images from Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” played in her head. Comparing what she wanted to that stupid song… it made her mad enough to find her strength.

“No! But…” She cast her arms around the squalor of Ian’s trailer. “This?”

He glanced down at his flagging dick and back up at her. He shook his head, shaming. “If you’re not willing to grow up, you can find your own way back to the mall. And your mommy.”

“Are you serious?”

His expression was a mix of challenge and contempt, ready to tip all the way in either direction.

Her fists balled at her sides. “Jesus! Fuck you, then!”

She was out of there, gone from the trailer park and halfway down the street before the mixed fuel of anger and the necessity of making a scene burned itself out.

How in the fuck was she supposed to get back to the mall in time for her mother to pick her up?


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