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How It All Got Started 026: Alex

Friday, June 22, 1984

As soon as Heather’s car stopped moving, Alex popped out and jogged around to open her door for her.

“A gentleman.” Heather smiled.

“I aim to please.”

“Hm…” Heather rented a room in a house in Tustin. “Back here.” She walked him to the door and led him inside.

“It’s not much.” She flipped the wall switch near the door and a lamp next to her bed illuminated the room with soft light. “It’s a place to sleep.”

Alex put his arms around her. “Or not sleep.”

“Or not sleep,” she mumbled.

As they kissed, her tongue small and strong and slick, he ran his hands from the nape of her neck to the rise of her ass and back up her ribs, just grazing the side of her breast. She untucked his shirt, slipped her own hands underneath and grazed his back with her fingernails from his shoulders to the waistline of his pants. Either her hands were cool, or his skin burned.

He walked Heather backwards to the foot of the bed and they half-tumbled onto the quilted spread. Alex kissed just below her ear, eliciting a quick inhalation, and tickled under her sweater, across her belly. He resisted moving his hands higher. For the moment.

“Hold on,” she breathed. She bit lightly at his throat.

Too much? Alex withdrew his hand. “Oh… sorry.”

Heather laughed. “Not even.” She stretched deliciously and turned off the little bedside lamp. Outside ambient light through the tightly closed window blinds barely kept the room from total darkness. Alex blinked and laid back on the bed.

He heard the soft rustle of cloth on cloth and the click of something brushing against the side of the nightstand. Then, Heather was on him.

The delicious, swaying slide of her breasts against the front of his shirt told him she had removed her sweater and bra. Her mouth covered his and he put his hands on her smooth, bare back.

He wanted to touch her breasts, but Heather had other plans. She unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest as she exposed it. With tongue and teeth she lingered on his nipples in a way that made him squirm. She kept moving, hands working deftly. He bent his knees and arched his back to oblige her intention to remove his slacks and underwear, and sighed when her hair brushed his groin and inner thighs.

He bucked involuntarily when she put her mouth around him. She laughed from deep in her throat and bobbed her head, sucking and licking as she did.

Alex groaned, torn between allowing himself to be pinned and wanting to touch and explore her body in return. Heather’s head moved with methodical precision.

It felt good, but the unvarying consistency of her technique helped him settle on course of action. He took hold of her upper arms and pulled her up, delighting in the hard trace of her nipples along his body. She kissed him and he rolled her over.

It was too dark to make out much more than the vaguest shadows of her body, so he let his mouth and hands explore, much as she had. He found the zipper of her skirt along her hip and slid it down, followed by the skirt itself and her panties. Heather sighed happily.

Alex straddled her hips. Heather’s legs parted slightly and her pubic hair tickled his balls. He ran his hands from her thighs to her ribs to her breasts, which proved to be full and firm in his palms. He bent down and found a nipple, which he circled with his tongue before nipping lightly. She whispered, “Oh. Yeah. Okay.”

He lingered there before attending similarly to the opposite breast. Her hands played in his hair. Her hips rotated under him. He slid down, kissing and licking and biting at her warm, smooth skin as he went. He wanted to taste her.

“Just…” Her voice was a clear whisper. “C’mon… put it in me…”

Change of plans, but certainly nothing Alex could object to. He slid back up.

“Okay… need to get…” He fumbled in the dark, his dick deliciously brushing the warmth between her legs, and he laughed. “Where’d you put my pants?”

She giggled. “Let me.” He shifted over her so she could move. She reached out and dragged his pants to his hand.

“Thanks.” He found his wallet and the just-in-case condom he kept there.

“Here. Gimme.” She took the condom, pushed him on his back and rolled the rubber down his shaft. As soon as Alex felt the constriction of the condom around the base of his dick, he pulled her to him again.

They kissed, hard and sloppy. Her skin was soft and cool and electric everywhere it touched his. He rolled her onto her back again and reached down to guide himself in.

They didn’t break their kiss until he slid inside her and started to move. She stiffened, slightly, momentarily, and relaxed again.

He wished he could see her. This was an important thing, an important moment in whatever came next, whatever they were becoming.

He wished he could see her face.

Alex lifted himself on his palms and slid in and out with smooth strokes, shifting his angle and depth to see what would feel best for her.

Heather’s hands rested lightly on his waist. Her breath came as half-sighs. Her body took his thrusts placidly. Maybe she wasn’t enjoying it? He leaned down and she turned her head to make it easier for him to kiss his way from her clavicle to an earlobe.

“Is this okay..?”

“Yeah.” She stroked his left side. “Yeah…”

Alex kept at it, and continued to do most of the work. In the dark, barely able to see her, her body softly bouncing with his efforts, their lovemaking began to feel… off.

Why did she want the lights off? Was she enjoying this?

Her hand kept moving with little variation along his side, almost like the unwavering precision she had shown giving him head. Alex twisted slightly; Heather’s hand stopped moving and settled to a light grip on his ribs.

Alex was distracted.

He fought against it; tried to focus on the feel of her wet warmth surrounding him. He was having sex! With Heather! He pushed harder into her and picked up the pace.

She lay beneath him. Her little sighs didn’t change.

After a minute or so, she said, “Are you close..?”

He wasn’t. “Are you?” He panted.

She moved her hands to his ass, squeezing and kneading. “Don’t worry about me.” Her fingers tickled his taint. “I want you to come.”

It sure wasn’t going to happen this way. He was frustrated and worried and his arousal was fading. “What about you..?”

“I want you to come,” she said again.

If he didn’t come; if he just wound down until they lay unmoving and sweaty… that would be an even bigger let-down than the sex was turning out to be. What was going on with them? Monday had been so awesome… he felt like he’d been deeper inside her just talking into the night than he did right now, fucking her. Maybe she would come when he did… maybe that got her off…

He got up on his knees and pulled her legs up, putting her ankles against his shoulders. She felt tighter around him, and that felt good. He knew it would be good enough. He picked up the pace, slapping against her.

He felt the orgasm hanging inside him like a tight spring that wouldn’t uncoil. Distantly, he heard her sighs escalate to short, breathy grunts. He kept pounding.

It wasn’t happening; wouldn’t let go.

He tried to focus on the sensation, her little noises.

Instead, his mind presented him with an image of Angel Jenner beneath him, her eyes wide, her large breasts shaking.

That did it.

Away he went.

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