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How It All Got Started 029: Crystal

Friday, June 22, 1984

Later, Crystal would remember opening the door. She would remember nailing mother-fucking Eric Finn dead center. She would remember Preston grabbing her shoulders and pulling her back.

She had no memory of Eric Finn doubling over and tripping on his pants, or Eric hitting the floor at her feet, but he must have, because Preston later told her she kicked the bastard in the head and ribs repeatedly before being yanked away.

She was pissed at Preston; he and Eric Finn were All Men, just then. She twisted and hollered, but her blind rage subsided as quickly as she broke free. Hot fury coalesced to iron determination.

No more girls were getting hurt tonight. Not like this.

Crystal turned and put herself between Preston and the bed. She noticed Eric Finn scrambling across the room and pulling up his pants, but her instincts held her at her post. Protect the girl.

Her mother had done it often enough for her, and damn if Crystal hadn’t done it for her mother the one, last time it really mattered.

Now, it was time to protect this one. Protect the girl.

Preston looked confused and scared. Of the situation, or of her? Both, if he was smart.

She looked over his shoulder toward the door. Fucking Eric Finn slipped past Brad Kruger, who had appeared in the doorway with Crystal’s hat tilted on his curly-haired head. She found Brad’s eyes.

“Do you know who Carson Meunetti is?”

“I—yeah, I think…”

“Go get him. Go! And close the fucking door!”

Brad nodded, eyes wide. He whirled and slammed the door behind him.

Crystal glanced at Preston. “No one comes in but Carson.” She didn’t wait for his response before gently closing the girl’s legs.

Her name was Lina. Lina Porter. That was it. Crystal crouched down next to her head.

Lina, still unconscious, snored slightly. Crystal turned her head to one side so she wouldn’t choke on her own spit.

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