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Transparency and Income Reports

On this page, you’ll find a gross income report of earnings from my creative endeavors and related sources, including my books and music, donations, patronage, subscriptions and advertising, courses, coaching and consulting, clients, and affiliate income. I’ll also reveal expenses related to my creative endeavors and related sources. Each month, you’ll see exactly what I’ve made and how, and you’ll know what I end up with to pay my living expenses.

Why Do I Do This Income Report?

  1. I believe creators and consumers are peers and partners. If only through commerce (and ideally in many other ways as well), we form a community and have a relationship with one another. Communities, and relationships, are made stronger by honesty and openness.
  2. I’ve put my faith in the generosity of my patrons. They deserve to know how it’s going!
  3. Sharing my income keeps me motivated to continue to create, to market, and to hustle.
  4. I’ve issued a transparency challenge to independent authors and other creators. I’ve gotta walk the walk!

I’ll begin reporting beginning with April, 2018.

Your Patronage Makes A Big Difference In My Creative Life

If you like what I do, please…

  • Recommend my works to your friends.
  • When I tell you I’ve made something new, please buy it. It’s that simple!
  • Make sure you and your friends are part of the mailing list community so you know when I make new things
  • If you have the means and inclination, pledge your monthly support as a patron for as little as $1.00 per month

The more I earn from my creative endeavors, the more time I can dedicate to my creative endeavors. Every dollar I earn from my creative endeavors buys me time to spend making more fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, courses, and more. The more time I have to make stuff, the faster I’ll have new content to help you and for you to enjoy!

Thank you.

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