I Make Things

When it comes to being creative, I’ve embraced the DIY (do it yourself) or “punk rock” ethic my entire adult life. This “hey kids, let’s put on a show (or publish a zine, or hold a salon, or start a band, or…)” attitude has equipped me to pursue a variety of creative endeavors.

I can’t not make things. The act of creation is integral to my mental health. When I’m unable to exercise my creative imperative, I get moody, short-tempered, and depressed. No one wants that… so I’ve integrated creativity into my everyday life, including how I earn a living.


I wrote my first short story not long after I learned how to write. If memory serves, it was about an evil triceratops who kidnapped a bunch of grapes, took them down to the beach, and threatened to turn them into raisins.

No, I don’t remember how it all turned out.

cover image of brave men run by matthew wayne selzickSince then, I’ve published novels, short stories, serials, and non-fiction works, with more on the way.  My first novel, the Amazon.com Top 100 bestseller Brave Men Run, was the first novel in history (2005) with an initial simultaneous release in paperback, five ebook formats, and free podcast editions, establishing me as a pioneer in the independent publishing revolution.

Thanks to my long experience in the self-publishing arena, I work with authors at every level helping bring their works to fruition, to market, and to an audience.


My novels, short stories, serials, and other fiction are set in several different storyworlds across a loose blend of genres, including speculative and literary fiction.


My non-fiction work allows me to follow my passions: story structure and architecture, creativity, spirituality, and personal growth.

Songs and Poetry

I’m a member of ASCAP and the composer of over 200 original musical compositions. Now and then, I write poetry as well.

Explore My Published Works

Cover art of The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay by Matthew Wayne SelznickMy latest work is the literary fantasy novelette “The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay.” You can purchase it and all my other published written works in a variety of formats nearly everywhere books and audiobooks are sold online. Click this link to start browsing! Want to sample some free fiction? Get serial fiction delivered directly to your in-box every week.


I released the first episode of The MWS Media Radio Show, my first podcast, on October 15, 2004. You can still listen to it, along with almost one hundred of my earliest episodes, courtesy of the Internet Archive.

While there have been some hiatuses over the years, I’ve been a podcaster ever since, either producing my own shows, collaborating with other podcasters (especially in the early, halcyon days when indie publishing and podcasting blended with fertile, enthusiastic results), and appearing as a guest on various shows.

I, or my shows, have been featured in several books on podcasting with names like Tricks of the Podcasting Masters (aw, shucks, thanks) and others. I produce podcasts for others, and often act as a coach, consultant, and mentor for people interested in becoming podcasters themselves.

My past podcast shows have included The MWS Media Radio Show, The DIY Endeavors Podcast, Five Minute Memoir, Writers Talking, I Know This Much, and the Parsec Award-nominated podcast edition of my first novel, Brave Men Run.

My current podcast is Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick, where we talk about making things, finding success as we define it, and creating a healthy and sane creative writing life.


I’ve been a singer my entire life, and a bassist and guitarist for over three decades. As a solo artist and in a number of bands, I’ve performed hundreds of times before audiences large and (mostly) small.

You can hear recorded versions of many of my more than two hundred original songs on Spotify or most other streaming music services (just search for Matthew Wayne Selznick!), as well as through Amazon and iTunes. You can also see live acoustic versions of several of songs through my YouTube playlist The Bookcase Sessions. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel when you’re there so you receive updates whenever I add new music or other content!

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