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My next novel, Light of the Outsider, is coming soon!

Keep reading to find out how you can be one of 100 people to receive audiobook, e-book, and signed, personalized, autographed paperback copies before Light of the Outsider is available anywhere else! Or… you can jump ahead…

In Light of the Outsider, a group of desperate people are thrown together to recover a kidnapped infant prince before ethnic, international, and magical pressures can threaten the stability of the entire continent and millions of lives.

Light of the Outsider is a character-driven fantasy adventure / thriller hybrid with touches of noir and the threat of cosmic horror. Even though it’s the first of a trilogy, the book stands on its own. I won’t cliffhanger you on the last page!

Is there magic? You bet!

Crime? The whole thing’s set off by a vile act. A few, in fact.

Violence? Um… yep.

Intrigue? Sure! The fates of a child, a city, an empire, and maybe an entire world are at stake.

Light of the Outsider is the first novel of the Shaper’s World Cycle and volume one of The Outsider Trilogy:

  • Light of the Outsider
  • Shadow of the Outsider
  • War of the Outsider

The Outsider Trilogy introduces us to the Shaper’s World, and sets the stage for a second trilogy, The Dominion Stone:

  • Thraal
  • Invasion
  • The Shaper of the World

Additionally, I have plans for serial fiction, short stories, novellas, and even role-playing-game materials.

It all starts with Light of the Outsider… and for dedicated early adopters (like you?), your purchase of the Super-Fan Bundle!

What Is The Shaper’s World?

The Shaper’s World is a fully-realized original fantasy setting in which three sentient hominid species struggle to peacefully co-exist… while encroaching forces from beyond reality threaten existence itself. You won’t find elves and orcs in the Shaper’s World, and it’s not your typical “Medieval Europe with funny names and some magic” setting, either. I built the Shaper’s World from the ground up. I think you’ll enjoy hanging out there.

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What Do You Get?

First of all, your purchase gets you exclusive access to my personal character notes for the cast of Light of the Outsider in PDF format readable on all platforms and devices.

Wait, did I say notes? This document is 13,000+ words full of character background, culture, history, and tantalizing details about the Shaper’s World fantasy setting. And yes, reading this insiders-only document will give you some hints about what you’ll read in Light of the Outsider, too, so be warned: (minor) spoilers within!

The Super Fan Bundle also reserves your copies of Light of the Outsider in the following formats:

  • Personalized, signed and numbered paperback edition (limited to 100 copies!)
  • High quality MP3 audio book edition read by award nominated dramatic reader and film voiceover actor Matthew Wayne Selznick (hey, that’s me!)
  • E-book editions in EPUB and Kindle formats

Your paperback, audio book, and e-book editions of the book will ship in May, 2020… before they’re available anywhere else. You get super-fan bragging rights!

You’ll also get updates on the progress of the book’s production, access to supplemental material like maps, diagrams, and other assets, and the opportunity to attend periodic live group chats with me to talk about the book and shoot the breeze.

What Your Purchase Supports

Producing a novel is an up-front investment of time, energy, and money. Your purchase of the Light of the Outsider Super-Fan Bundle helps fund cover art, editing, and publication costs.

  • Cover Art: This is the first expenditure: a beautiful, original, digitally painted cover from an accomplished artist with a style appropriate for the genre. That last bit is key: covers have to tread a balance between matching what readers expect to see and being, well, awesome. I can promise this: an original work of art. UPDATE FEBRUARY 02, 2020: The contract has been signed. The cover artist for Light of the Outsider is Tim Shepherd. Check out Tim’s other work and let him know how excited you are he’s working on this cover!
  • Developmental Editing: After the first draft is completed; after I’ve combed through it myself a time or two or three, after beta readers get their valuable two cents in… it’s time for a professional overview and critique. The developmental edit is a crucial step in getting a book as close to its ideal as possible. The developmental editor is paid to see the forest for the trees… and let you know if the whole landscape, as it were, holds together.
  • Copy Editing: Grammar, man. Grammar. No matter how good you think you are with grammar, you’re the wrong person to apply that skill to your own manuscript. Enter the copy editor.
  • Various and Sundry Publishing Costs: There are incidental costs associated with creating the finished product, especially the paperback edition. While it’s hard to give it a number until all is said and done, there’s also the human hours spent on the book that won’t be available to spend on my day job.

Get Your Light of the Outsider Super-Fan Bundle!

I’m offering the Light of the Outsider Super-Fan Bundle to a limited number of my friends and fans.

I understand that dropping $75.00 today for a book that comes out in May 2020 is both a bite from the bank account and a gesture of faith and trust, and I am deeply honored by that choice.

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Your Character Notes PDF will be available to you as an encrypted download after your purchase is confirmed. Other digital assets (e-books, audiobook) will be made available as soon as they’re completed (by June, 2020), and the paperback will ship before June, 2020.

Paperback shipping is free in the Unites States; $15 to locations outside of the United States.

Are you ready to see the Light.. of the Outsider?

See what I did there?

Click the purchase button — and thanks!

If You Didn’t Click That Button… Please Read On…

Do you want to help support the production of Light of the Outsider and get an autographed paperback before the book is available to the general public, but you can’t spend $75.00 right now?

I get it! You’re awesome for wanting to do something to help, and for wanting an autographed paperback.

If the Super-Fan Bundle is out of your reach, you can instead reserve an autographed paperback edition of Light of the Outsider. This edition won’t be numbered or personalized, and it doesn’t include the e-book or audiobook editions. You will still receive my massive character backstory document as a download shortly after your purchase, and you’ll still receive updates on the progress of the book’s production, access to supplemental material, and invitations to live group chats to talk about the book.

This offer is only $35.00 USD (includes free shipping anywhere in the United States; additional shipping fees will apply for international purchases).  The offer expires on Friday, March 13, 2020 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time, so do not delay! Thank you!

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~ Matthew Wayne Selznick

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