Harry Turpin’s losing his girl… and maybe his mind! Find out why in CLOAK!

"I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make."
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Mugs and other goodies for authors, creators, and readers…

"Play With Your Gifts Today" Mug

Start your day with a reminder to spend some time with your creative gifts (and a nice hot… or cold! beverage of your choice). Your mind, your heart, and (probably?) some caffeine… it’s the perfect combination.

Ceramic, dishwasher safe. Image on both sides, so left or right handed, you’re covered!

Ships to the United States only. Other locales may be added if demand merits. Thanks!

15 ounce ceramic mug

BEST DEAL: $15.00 USD (plus shipping and handling)

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11 ounce ceramic mug

$12.00 USD (plus shipping and handling)

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