Blue Sky Content PlanningAs I stride bravely / slouch roughly into my second year of life as a funemployed / freelance service provider and independent content creator, I’ve assessed the various things on my personal creative to-do list(s). I’m sharing my plans with you, both as a way to keep me accountable and, let’s face it, because I hope you’re interested in purchasing the things I’ll be making in 2013.

January, 2013 Content Plans

Semi-Secret Indie Author Marketing Info Non-Fiction E-book

The first book in my Indie Author Marketing Info series (presented by Indie Author Marketing.Info, naturally) will be available in e-book formats by January 15, 2013, with discounted pre-ordering open January 3, 2013.

February, 2013 Content Plans

“Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era” Revised and Expanded Edition

This new edition, which was made possible when the patrons of my “Pilgrimage” crowdfunding campaign pushed $1,200.00 past the campaign goal, will feature a new cover by Neal Von Flue to thematically match “Pilgrimage — A Novel of the Sovereign Era.” Also, I’ll revise the manuscript to correct any canonical inconsistencies with “Pilgrimage” and the rest of the Sovereign Era canon. Finally, additional content will flesh out the story, including the integration of “Brenhurst’s Tale” into the manuscript.

Release dates are projected as:

  • E-book editions: February 12, 2013
  • Print edition: March 5, 2013

Pre-orders for print and e-book editions should be open by the end of January, 2013.

March, 2013 Content Plans

Second Semi-Secret Indie Author Marketing Info Non-Fiction E-book

Another instructional e-book in the Indie Author Marketing Info series. Discounted pre-orders will open March 4, 2013, with the e-book available to the general public on March 12, 2013.

Serial Fiction Project

The first of 52 weekly installments in a new serial fiction project will be released to subscribers on March 18, 2013, after invitation-only beta testers receive their first taste on March 6, 2013. The series will be written from February to June of 2013.

“Pilgrimage — A Novel of the Sovereign Era”

I’m on track to finish the rough draft of my second Sovereign Era novel by the end of 2012. After taking an editing pass at it myself, I will turn it over to my content editor by mid-January, 2012. After I review and implement (many of, I presume) the content editor’s suggestions, it’s off to the copy editor in mid February.

I aim to have the abridged podcast edition delivered to in mid March, 2013.

The planned soft public release dates for the book editions are:

  • E-book editions: March 19, 2013
  • Print edition: March 26, 2013

April, 2013 Content Plans

Reading The Amazing Spider-Man Volume One

The e-book edition of my blog series critiquing the first twelve issues (and the first Annual) of The Amazing Spider-Man will be available for pre-order at a discount on April 10, 2013 and released to the general public on April 23, 2013. Ahead of that, installments of the blog series will return to this site at the end of January, 2013.

May, 2013 Content Plans

Secret Book and Video Project

Discounted pre-orders of this non-fiction book will be open May 7, 2013. The e-book edition will ship on May 21, 2013; the print edition will be available June 11, 2013. An accompanying video series will debut on May 21.

Work Begins On Untitled Novel Project

I’ll start working on another novel in the month of May. Not sure which storyworld I’ll be tackling yet… the Sovereign Era, the Shaper’s World, or Daikaiju Universe… no matter what, though, the book itself won’t be available until January of 2014.

August, 2013 Content Plans

Worldbuilding For Writers, Gamers and Other Creators Volume Two: Geography

The follow-up to Worldbuilding For Writers, Gamers and Other Creators Volume One: Star, Planet, Moon will bring us down to earth, as it were, and detail the realistic depiction of a created fictional world in a concise, easy to understand fashion.

The estimated release date for this e-book is August 27, 2013.

A Transition From Service Provider To Content Provider

That’s a lot of content, especially in the first quarter… eight titles! This run-down doesn’t even include potential short stories (I can think of at least one I’d like to write in 2013 that’s been on the back burner since 2007!) and possible music stuff, too.

Ultimately, content I make represents personal control over opportunities for self-sufficiency, control that is woefully lacking in my life as a freelance creative services provider… heck, it would be lacking and unreliable if I were employed at a regular job, too.

In 2013, I’m going to double down. Sure, I’ll continue to hustle for new clients and work on projects with the clients I’m privileged to be currently helping. At the same time, I’ll be pushing hard on these eight new content products. Maybe by the end of 2013, the balance will have shifted some.

Maybe 2014 will see my complete transition from service provider to content provider. I don’t know. But that’s what I’m shooting for. That’s what this content plan for 2013 is about.

As I mentioned, I’m sharing it with you because I want you to get excited about some of this stuff. I want you to be curious. I want you to look forward to these things. I want you to have me tell you when you trade your money for these things I’m making.

I want you on my back, too. I’ve spelled out lots of release dates in this post. In the months ahead, I’ll spend more time blogging about these projects. Let me know you’re watching!