Hi! If you’ve come over to my site thanks to my recent appearance as a guest on The Dead Robots Society podcast, welcome and thanks for stopping by! My name is Matthew Wayne Selznick. I’m a creator working with words, music, pictures and people to build storyworlds, audience and community across a variety of media.

On episode 190 of The Dead Robots Society, I talked with the gang about the benefits behind the rising practice of creating storyworlds and creating story franchises with your fiction. This was a kind of follow-up to my June guest blog post over there, “What Every Modern Writer Needs To Know”.

I was a storyworld pioneer in the late nineties with my online shared world episodic fiction magazine, Sovereign Serials. These days, I’m dipping back into storyworlds, story franchises and transmedia storytelling both in my work as a producer at Jetset Studios, a creative agency, and as I prepare to open two of my original storyworlds to submissions: The Shaper’s World and The Sovereign Era. If you’re interested in adding your creativity to these storyworlds and potentially share revenue on the content we create together, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when The Shaper’s World and The Sovereign Era will be open for business.

Finally, Dead Robots Society listeners and folks interested in creating storyworlds and establishing story franchises might enjoy my two weekly blog series:

Welcome, and thanks for taking a look around!