Back in November, I recorded two episodes of the Roundtable Podcast with Dave Robison and Ryan Stevenson. The first, a Showcase episode, is live right now!

What Is The Roundtable Podcast?

Every week, a guest writer comes on the show to have their short story or novel workshopped by the two hosts and an invited author guest host. The guest host author is also often featured on a Showcase episode with more of a straight-up interview, and usually airs a few days before the workshop episode.

What We Talked About On The Roundtable Podcast Showcase

I enjoyed this interview very much because of the show’s focus on craft, theory, and some of the higher-order elements of creativity.

We start off talking about the differences between storytelling and writing. That served as a nice springboard into…

  • …my definition of Story
  • …how storytelling and narrative matters in fiction, non-fiction, media, music and marketing
  • …the importance of transparency and self-awareness in storytelling
  • …why it’s important to consider theme from the beginning of your work
  • …serving The Story
  • …how to tell if your writing is tapping your emotional core
  • …worldbuilding, storyworlds, and how the concepts are interrelated
  • …a broad-strokes overview of my storytelling process
  • …internal consistency and interconnected storyworld arcs
  • …big picture storytelling perspective
  • …role-playing game resources guides as storytelling aides
  • …an excuse for me to pull out my favorite David Simon quote

Listen To The Roundtable Podcast Showcase

Please give a listen to this episode of The Roundtable Podcast (mp3 link opens in a new tab) and don’t forget to visit the Roundtable Podcast, comment on the episode, and subscribe to their show!