A few days ago, I mentioned my being featured on a Spotlight episode of the Roundtable Podcast. That episode was the first of a pair: the second, wherein I help the hosts workshop a story by guest author Fred Himebaugh, posted today.

Exposing The Core Of A Story Idea

Fred’s story — a surreal pastiche of Cold War politics, mythology, pop culture and super-hero iconography — is chock-a-block full of innovative, evocative ideas and imagery, with a real message underneath it all. It was a real privilege to be invited to help critique and, hopefully, enrich Fred’s concepts.

I hope listeners glean some useful information from this to bring to bear in their own work! It was a very rewarding experience for me, that’s for sure!

Listen To The Roundtable Podcast Workshop

If you’re interested in the creative process and how stories are taken apart and put back together, I hope you’ll listen to this episode (MP3 link).

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Would You Like Help With Your Story?

If you’re an author or storyteller of any kind and you need a knowledgeable, critical eye cast on your own work, let me know. My job is helping creators create!