Indie Author Marketing InfoIndie Author Marketing Info is a brand new community site from MWS Media where independent authors and creative service providers share ethical marketing best practices and other tips and techniques to help one another build successful careers.

I launched it Tuesday night!

Today, I start putting the word out in earnest. If you’re an author, soon to be an author, or provide creative services to authors, I hope you’ll visit, join for free, and introduce yourself!

Why Start A Community Website?

Don’t I have a lot of stuff going on right now? A book to write? Work to solicit? Why start a website — a community website, at that?

Here’s why:

  • I belong to a number of indie / self-publishing communities. All of them are run by well meaning, dedicated individuals doing the best they can with the tools available to them.

    Unfortunately, some of these sites are hosted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other proprietary platforms where community forums are an afterthought, wedged in to the existing infrastructure and crippled by ineffective moderation and organization tools. Indie Author Marketing Info is built in WordPress and employs the BuddyPress and bbPress tools — it’s designed to build and manage a community.

  • Almost twelve million Google search results for the keyword “indie author marketing” (without the quotes), and no site obviously dedicated to that subject anywhere near the top results. Maybe that’s because the marketing side of the equation is dealt with as distinct from writing, or because such sites are part of siloed platforms, like I mentioned?

    Regardless, I believe marketing is an integral, essential part of being a writer… and I think I can build a site that will own the keyword.

  • Related to that: I’ve recently become very interested in niche authority affiliate marketing. I think a community-driven website dedicated to indie author marketing information, advice and resources would be an excellent platform to establish authority in that particular niche.

    I’ve been at this a while and so might be forgetting something, but I’m pretty sure Indie Author Marketing Info is the first entirely for-profit services and resources website I’ve ever created. If it grows appropriately, it will be a money maker.

  • I’m passionate about ethical brand building — the person to person, relationship-centered approach to growing an audience and developing a personal brand. It’s been my own lighthouse for most of my adult life — especially since the late nineties and the dawn of the Internet. I’m excited by the chance to build a community where those ideals are the focus.

Drop By! Watch Out For Exposed Wiring!

Indie Author Marketing Info is in a public beta test right now, but the site is absolutely open for business! If you’re an author, a service provider to authors, or just want to check out the discussions, please visit, register for free, and introduce yourself!

You may find some strangeness, and maybe a bug or two… please report anything unusual! Even as I iron out the wrinkles, the basic functionality — a community discussion forum for indie author marketing — is all set. Dig in!

See you there!