Ribbon CuttingHey everybody! I’m back! Did you miss me?

Did you notice I was gone? Be honest; I can take it.

If you’re reading this via email or the RSS subscription feed, click through, click through! There’s a new website design at mattselznick.com upon which I would like you to feast your eyes. Granted, it’s not quite finished — in development we’d call this a “public beta” — but enough stuff is up that I thought it time to pull down the curtains and cut the ribbon. I even got these folks in their fancy suits and, in the case of one fine lady, snazzy boots, to bring a giant pair of scissors. Snip snip! Applause! Champagne! Confetti!

What’s New?

Here are some things that are different here:

  • The Home Page: If you come in through the front door, you’ll see a splash page emphasizing who I am, what I do, and what I have to offer. This is a switch from the old “blog as front page” approach I’ve taken for many years, and it reflects my desire to help others with their creative endeavors as a way to help support my own.
  • The Free Email Newsletter: I’ve kept up an email subscriber list for many years, but I’ve barely utilized it. That’s about to change. Find out more about the Matthew Wayne Selznick / MWS Media free email newsletter, and if you haven’t done so already… do I have to tell you? Subscribe!
  • The About Page: Less about who I am, and more about what I can do for you and your creative business.
  • The Shop: My old site had a lot of nested menus in the navigation. One big reason was the way I organized all the creative content I have available for you to purchase. Now, there’s one central Shop page that takes you to dedicated pages for all the fiction, non-fiction, music, and services. You’ll also notice a nifty slideshow on some pages — click the cover art and you’ll go right to the page for that item!

What Remains?

I mentioned that, as of this writing, at least, this is the “public beta” version of the site. There are still some wings of this house yet to be completed; some rooms that remain to be unlocked. In the days and weeks to come, you’ll find…

  • Detailed information on the wide variety of creative services I offer
  • A complete archive of my audio and video podcasts
  • More songs to listen to and to purchase from my original music archive

I’ll also be cleaning up some paint over spray, trimming and sprucing here and there, and squashing bugs that will undoubtedly make themselves known. If you find anything weird going on here in the next few weeks, please let me know — either in the comments, or by contacting me directly. Thanks in advance for your help in making the new site as amazing as a good bowl of chicken wings!