BlackoutOn Wednesday, January 18, 2012, this website will join the SOPA blackout in solidarity with others in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act currently being considered by the legislative branch of the government of the United States of America. If either of these acts, or similar legislation, is signed into law, my site and my ability to access the Internet — and by extension, my ability to ply my trade as a creator and creative professional — will be jeopardized. To demonstrate the possible impact of SOPA, PIPA and similar legislation, this website will be unavailable on January 18, 2012 across all United States time zones.

In order to demonstrate the stifling potential of SOPA, PIPA and similar legislation, I will not be accessible on the Internet during the blackout period of January 17, 2012 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time through January 19, 2012 at 2:59:59 AM Pacific Time.

  • E-mails sent to me will be permanently deleted, unread.
  • Twitter direct messages will be ignored and deleted.
  • Facebook communications will be deleted and ignored.
  • Everything directed to my personal Internet communication channels (including MWS Media) will be ignored.

In short, it will be like I do not exist on the Internet.

That’s what could happen if the draconian, liberty-denying measures found in SOPA, PIPA and similar legislation become law. I will not be passive in my opposition to these acts.

I hope you’ll take action, too. On the Tuesday 24th January 2012, the United States Senate is scheduled to vote on SOPA. If you’re a citizen of the United States of America, please use the following form today to contact your representative and let them know your views. Remember, the legislators serve to be your voice in the government. Make your voice heard. Together, we can make a difference and stop SOPA / PIPA and similar legislation from ever endangering commerce, free speech and the Internet as we know it.

Want to learn more about SOPA, PIPA and similar legislation? Watch the following video:

Thank you,

Matthew Wayne Selznick