Author and Creator Matthew Wayne Selznick Has a Multiverse of Stories To TellIf you’ve come to my home on the web after reading my opinion piece over at the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Self-Publishing Advice blog or the follow-up post… welcome! Heck, even if you didn’t, I’m glad you’re here.

Who Is Matthew Wayne Selznick

I’m an author, creator, and creative services provider. I’m based in Long Beach, California and work all over the web. If you’re of a mind, you can catch up on my life to this point. Or, we can talk about the now!


My latest novel is the second to be set in my Sovereign Era storyworld, Pilgrimage—A Novel of the Sovereign Era. The Sovereign Era is an alternate history storyworld in which the appearance in the middle of the Cold War of individuals with remarkable abilities forever changes the course of human destiny. The first book in the cycle, Brave Men Run, was an bestseller and a Parsec Award nominee.

In addition to working on a new novel and two shorter non-fiction works, I’m currently producing a weekly, free, subscription-based fantasy fiction serial, Walk Like A Stranger: Passing Through Home, which represents the debut of my wholly original fantasy setting, the Shaper’s World.

You can find most of my work here on the shop page or, to see work I’ve contributed to or edited, check out Amazon.


While most of my creative input is as a writer of prose fiction and non-fiction these days, it isn’t always so. I’m also a musician, web developer (WordPress is my specialty, but I can hand-code you a nice flat html site if you prefer..!) and storyteller in a variety of media.

What’s important to me—what keeps me happy and healthy—is making things.

Sometimes that’s fiction. Sometimes it’s a song. Sometimes it’s an entire storyworld. Sometimes, it’s helping you make things. Which leads us to…

Creative Services Provider

If you’re a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, chances are you, like me, don’t make the majority of your yearly income from your writing. It’s an unfortunate truth for most of us!

Fortunately, I’m able to close the gap and scratch my creator’s itch by providing a variety of creative services to a wide range of clients large and small.

With a focus on storytelling and the experience of the consumer, I can help at any stage of a creative endeavor.

I’ve worked with independent and New York Times Bestselling authors, actors, musicians, small businesses, non-profits, municipalities and major movie studios doing… well, lots of stuff: story development, developmental editing, social media strategy, interactive marketing, production, writing, voice over, audio and video editing, ideation, user testing, community management, and website design and development… off the top of my head.

Visit my For Hire page for a selection of past and present clients… and contact me if I can help you, too!

Where To Find Me and How To Keep Up To Date

If you’re interested in keeping up with my creative endeavors, well, thanks very much! It’s my privilege to make things you might like.

My E-Mail Newsletter

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This Site

Here at, you’ll find my blog, Scribtotum, and my occasional podcast, Sonitotum. You can subscribe to either one: use this link to subscribe to Scribtotum in the newsreader of your choice, or add this link to your podcast client for Sonitotum.

Social Networks

I love the social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, and I love seeing folks there. Before you connect with me, please take a moment to check out my Social Media Policy! All the appropriate links are on that page, too.

Everything Else

Need to get in touch with me directly? Please take a look at the Contact page for the most appropriate way to reach out. Thanks!

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