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Recent Articles and Podcast Episodes

  • My Saturday

    April 2, 2006: This morning, I had a swollen left lymph node in my throat, a headache, and stiff shoulders. Ick. Went to do my five hours of not-hard-at-all time at the not-a-day-job, got home, futzed with the television which would not play the DVD (a recurring problem that I thought was solved), got that figured out, took…

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  • They Want To Talk

    March 23, 2006: I've been having some trouble lately with my writing. It's starter anxiety, really... it's made it really difficult to achieve butt-in-the-chair work done with my second novel, "Light Of The Outsider."

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  • Grindstone, Nose… Nose, Grindstone

    March 9, 2006: I spent a couple of hours today with a project management app at, working out a set of goals and deadlines for my next novel, "Light of the Outsider."

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  • The Shaper’s World Takes Shape…

    February 17, 2006: Writing the next book has all but stopped as I satisfy my nearly-insatiable need to work out all the necessary details of the world in which it takes place.

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  • Subcreation Woes

    February 7, 2006: After a great conversation with my new friend James, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do some more work on the world-building for my next book, "Light of the Outsider." This is the source of the headache pounding behind my eyes right now.

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  • My New Office

    February 6, 2006: Okay! For the first time since we moved into this house, four years ago, I feel like my office is someplace that says something about me.

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  • Reeling In The Webcast

    February 1, 2006: As part of my attempts to Scale Back and Sharpen Up, I've pulled the plug on DIY Endeavors Radio.

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  • The Lights Down On Shield Street

    January 30, 2006: I'm in a yucky place right now. Don't know why, exactly... except that I do know that my moods are like this. Creative highs are rapidly followed by lows.

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  • Scale Back!! Sharpen Up!!

    January 25, 2006: I need to kill the focus-killers.

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