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The DIY Endeavors Podcast Number 089 — Neopatronage, Microloans, and Crowdfunding

In this episode, host Matthew Wayne Selznick muses on neopatronage, crowdfunding, and microloans, especially as they pertain to DIY independent creative endeavors… and wonders why some people are so openly hostile toward these options?

The DIY Endeavors Podcast Number 088 — Interview of Peter O’Malley

In this episode, host Matthew Wayne Selznick talks about the pre-order for the new audio book edition of Brave Men Run and interviews writer Peter O’Malley.

The DIY Endeavors Podcast Number 087 — Coming Back To Creativity

Coming back to the microphone after a very difficult few months. Trouble’s not done with me, but when is it ever, with anyone? This episode is all about transitions and what might be next for the DIY Endeavors podcast.

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