A portrait photograph of author, consultant, and creator at large Matthew Wayne Selznick

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My Next Creative Work

In Light of the Outsider, my novel coming June 18, 2020, desperate people unite to rescue a kidnapped infant prince before ethnic, international, and magical pressures can threaten the entire continent. It’s a character-driven fantasy adventure / thriller hybrid with touches of noir and cosmic horror. And even though it’s the first of a trilogy, the book stands on its own.

Learn more about the book, pre-order the Kindle e-book, and be sure to join the community so you know when the paperback pre-order window opens!

My Latest Creative Work

“The News From Bewilder Pond” is my latest short story set in my Sovereign Era storyworld, when the sudden appearance of men and women with remarkable powers — Sovereigns — changes the course of history and threatens the balance of power in the late 20th century… but not every incident involving metahumans has global significance. Some stories, like this one, are more… homespun.

“The News From Bewilder Pond” is a stand-alone short story. You don’t have to have read any other Sovereign Era works to enjoy it. But you should!

Scribtotum is My Blog

I strive to share my experiences as an independent creator with the perspective of a veteran beginner. Whenever I can teach or share, I write a blog post.

A portrait photograph of author, consultant, and creator at large Matthew Wayne Selznick

WorkFlowy: A Free Creative Writing Tool To Use On Any Device

WorkFlowy is a free, cross-platform, mobile friendly outliner and “offboard brain.” I use it for writing and managing my writing, creativity, and productivity. Read on to find out why I think it’s one of the best tools to build a productive and healthy writing life!

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Why You Need a Mailing List

Writers and other creators need a mailing list to build a dedicated community of friends and fans. Let me tell you why, compare two of my favorite mailing list service providers, and reveal the one I use… and share how you can use your own mailing list.

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It’s the all-new, all-different Matthew Wayne Selznick… or at least in terms of my creative endeavors and the direction and purpose of this site. I’ve got a new creative mission. Find out why.

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Declare for Bold

Why being bold is the most vulnerable, effective, and powerful practice for writers to find their truth.

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A portrait photograph of author, consultant, and creator at large Matthew Wayne Selznick

Sonitotum is My Podcast

When I want to talk about making things, finding success however we each define it, and staying healthy and sane in the process, I record an episode.

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