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"I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make."
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Matthew Wayne Selznick
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Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started” is set in the Sovereign Era storyworld (Brave Men Run, Pilgrimage). The action of the first story arc, follows several young people on the edge of the rest of their lives and begins on the first day of summer vacation, 1984.

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Recent Articles and Podcast Episodes

  • Podcast Expo Day Two

    November 13, 2005: Holy crap... I don't even know where to begin. Let's go with first impressions again, okay? MTV can't sell me on their bullshit, still, more, forever and ever, amen. Doug Kaye deserves your help. Some people are done doing it for themselves, and the world's a better place because of it. Dave Slusher doesn't have…

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  • Podcast Expo Day One

    November 11, 2005: So, my first conference. I feel like a grown-up, kinda. Impressions: Many people... many people... still think in terms of podcasting as an entry into Old Media, like radio or major labels or whatnot. Some do not. Which is good. Brian Ibbott is gracious but nervous around drooling fanboys. Can't say I blame him. If…

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  • Musing on Punk: Attitude

    October 1, 2005: Punk: Attitude is a Don Letts film that was, so far as I know, never shown in theatres and went from the Independent Film Channel straight to DVD. It's a real decent document of the origins of punk rock from its late sixties origins to, say, the early eighties. The DVD has an extra disc…

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  • November 11th and 12th

    September 27, 2005: I'm having a hard time articulating this blog entry. It's hard, because I've made a decision to not be involved with the Los Angeles Podcasters Group's (LAPG) booth at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo in a month and a half, and the decision is based on a combination of ethical, personal, and purely gut…

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  • Hello, It’s Me!

    September 23, 2005: ... I've thought about it for a long long time... Oops, wait, this isn't a Todd Rundgren song, it's a blog post, and long overdue at that! Yeah, it's been a couple of weeks, almost exactly, since I've posted. What's up, Matt? Well, work at the Cursed Day Job (CDJ) mostly, and red-pen work with…

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  • Brave Men Done!

    September 3, 2005: It happened on Friday, September 2nd, 2005, at 3:21 PM at a corner table in the Starbucks on Bear Valley Road in Victorville, California. On the overhead sound system, one of two songs was playing -- I'm not sure of the timing. It was either the Old 97s song "Salome," or Marvin Gaye's "Inner City…

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  • One More

    August 21, 2005: Yeah, so it's about two minutes to two, been a long day, good day... and I have one more. This is how I do it... no blogs forever, then, when it's really worth it, you might get two, three in the course of twenty four. Maybe sometime soon I'll be more prolific. Now... well. Here…

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  • LA Podcasters Meeting

    August 20, 2005: So I met some real live podcasters in the flesh today... some folks whose work I've listened to for the last few months. Don't think they've listened to me (yet) cuz I'm kind of a small fry... but based on my Feedburner stats, that may have changed after today. It was a fun meeting. It's…

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  • 50K

    August 1, 2005: I just wanted to say that today, July 31st, 2005, at around 6:50 in the evening, I passed the fifty thousand word mark in Brave Men Run. I've never written anything this long. It's going to be finished soon. I'm happy!

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