It’s 1984! Do you know what your children are? A new era begins in BRAVE MEN RUN!

"I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make."
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Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started” is set in the Sovereign Era storyworld (Brave Men Run, Pilgrimage). The action of the first story arc, follows several young people on the edge of the rest of their lives and begins on the first day of summer vacation, 1984.

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Recent Articles and Podcast Episodes

  • Coming Back To Nate

    July 28, 2005: My, that's a provocative title, no? Well, it's nothing like that... it's simply that I'm finally getting back to finishing my novel, Brave Men Run. See, July has been just awful when it came to writing. There was just too much pressure from the Cursed Day Job, too many outside things taking not just my…

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  • Favorite Song Ever?

    July 17, 2005: It's the Go-Betweens "Bye Bye Pride." Originally from their "Tallulah" record, it's appeared in various forms (mostly live) on other recordings of theirs -- most recently a semi-acoustic live version on their new disk, "Oceans Apart." I know it won't have the same effect on you, but for me, every time I hear it, my…

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  • We Win

    June 29, 2005: All right, folks! Here's a reminder that it pays to speak, to act. Earlier this week, it came to my attention that Nike was using a knock-off of classic, iconic Minor Threat album cover art to promote a skateboarding tour. Dischord Records never gave permission to use, never approved of, and never condoned the Nike…

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  • Ebb and Flow

    June 23, 2005: Oy, right now, mostly ebb. I'm sitting here knowing that I should be writing, it's the time of day, the hour I reserve, when I should be working on Brave Men Run. That takes some energy, though, especially since I'm in the last third of the book and things are cooking... it's physically draining to…

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  • Sideways

    June 15, 2005: After many "yougottaseeits," I finally spent a few hours to see Sideways I admit I've been gunshy; the last movie people raved about and insisted I'd like was Lost In Translation, and that was a piece of crap. No, it was. You wanna make something outta it? Anyhoo. Sideways was great. Nailed it. And what do…

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  • I Will If You Will!

    June 13, 2005: It was an interesting morning at the lush and lavish studios of MWS Media. First, a sprinkler valve on the expansive and well-appointed lawn burst, leading to a few hours' of repair work and no water for cooking or showering for the on-site staff. While waiting for pipe seal to dry, I pursued a very…

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  • Latest Garageband Standings

    May 24, 2005: Well, the latest song I've put to the Garageband test has finished its run... "The Western Lands" ended up in the 65th percentile in the Acoustic category... which is actually just a hair higher than my last best rated song, "Elvis C." Here are some of my favorite reviewer comments for "The Western Lands" "Have…

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  • Check Me Out, I’m A Live DJ

    May 24, 2005: So I was just checking out the computer, making sure my webcast stream was pumping out the tunes nice and regular-like, when I saw I had a listener! It was one Mark Mason, just hanging out and making requests at DIYER. So I got on the mic and had my first bona fide experience of…

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  • It’s My Friend’s Birthday

    May 19, 2005: My friend has a birthday today. I met her when we were teenagers. We fell in teenage love. It was heavy and full of drama and my tendencies toward martyrdom meshed nicely with her mental illness. We were a manga soap opera before any of us knew of such things; we were a Terry Moore…

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