Tony Fallow has a sticky problem! Find out why it’s not always so great when The World Revolves Around You!

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Matthew Wayne Selznick
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Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: “How It All Got Started” is set in the Sovereign Era storyworld (Brave Men Run, Pilgrimage). The action of the first story arc, follows several young people on the edge of the rest of their lives and begins on the first day of summer vacation, 1984.

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  • Fire Time

    October 24, 2003: For the third night in a row, I've had to drive past hillsides where plumes of fire burn fifty, a hundred feet into a night sky made white with smoke.

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  • Dream Guests

    October 15, 2003: This week, so far, I've had two distinct visits from people I haven't seen in years.

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  • Shameless Plug

    October 10, 2003: Okay, world, I thought I should use this forum to announce my new magazine and encourage anyone who has an appropriate submission to go ahead and, well, submit it!

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  • “Ich bin ein Cal-eee-fornian.”

    October 3, 2003: Well, for the first time in my life, I voted for a Republican. Sure, a socially liberal Republican, but a Republican, all the same! Folks outside of Cal-eee-fornia can't totally understand the way outgoing! Governor Davis goaded us into this: Rolling Blackouts. Budget Battles. Unemployment. Businesses Fleeing. TRIPLING THE CAR TAX. DRIVER'S LICENSES FOR ILLEGAL…

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