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Matthew Wayne Selznick


I strive to offer my experiences as an independent creator with the perspective of a veteran beginner. Whenever I can teach or share, I write an article for my blog, Scribtotum.


scrihb-tote-um (Noun): A portmanteau combining the words “scribe” (writer) and “totum” (roughly Latin for “the whole thing”). Borrowed / adapted from the word “factotum” (one who does all kinds of work) to mean “one who writes on all kinds of subject matter.”

Why You Need a Mailing List

Writers and other creators need a mailing list to build a dedicated community of friends and fans. Let me tell you why, compare two of my favorite mailing list service providers, and reveal the one I use... and share how you can use your own mailing list.
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It's the all-new, all-different Matthew Wayne Selznick... or at least in terms of my creative endeavors and the direction and purpose of this site. I've got a new creative mission. Find out why.
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Declare for Bold

Why being bold is the most vulnerable, effective, and powerful practice for writers to find their truth.
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