Spider Face Lives!

Spider Face from CMWS DesignsSome weeks ago one evening, my girlfriend and I noticed a huge — I mean, like, thumb-sized — spider building a web just beyond the frame of the front porch. The little (okay, not so little) guy or girl was working very hard on that web, no doubt in anticipation of the moths and other flying critters soon to be attracted to our porch light. It was pretty nifty, and we watched for a little while.

Eventually, though, it became clear that the completed web would probably stretch right across the entryway of the porch — pretty much perfectly at face height. Since my girlfriend would be leaving for work very early the next morning, there was a risk she might walk right through it in her gotta-get-to-work-on-time haste. She knows herself very well, so she wrote a little sticky note to herself: a smiley face and the warning, “Spider face!” Because, y’know, she didn’t want to get a spider in the face.

I saw her note and figured that smiley face needed some legs. Eight, to be exact. Spider Face was born.

The note hung around long after our industrious spider-pal completed, used, and abandoned its web. We don’t know where that spider is now, but we wish it well. Yes, we’ve both seen “Charlotte’s Web,” but we’d rather not think about that, thanks very much. In fact, if you ask me, that spider has been immortalized, memorialized and celebratized… as Spider Face!

My girlfriend and I had been trying to think of ways to harness our mutual creativity, and this seemed like a fun way to do just that. A quick scan, some clean-up, and an hour or so of tinkering later, I had a range of products available — all bearing the cheery visage of Spider Face.

Spider Face For You!

Presenting the first products featuring Spider Face, brought to you from CMWS Designs (a division of MWS Media, don’tcha know) and Cafe Press! We earn no more than $2.00 on each item you buy so your price isn’t ridiculously high. See anything you like? Your purchases will help me and the girlfriend (the CMW in CMWS Designs) keep the bills paid and our pets fed — especially useful considering my newly underemployed state. Thanks in advance!

Is there something in the Cafe Press inventory you want emblazoned with the Spider Face design? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Spider face, Spider face
    Worked real hard to build place

    Waited there for a moth
    Once done, he too off oh yeah, there goes a Spider face!

    • Um… yes, Timothy. Exactly.


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