Boing Boing once again fills us in on another mind-shaker… according to the site Talk To Action, Left Behind Games Inc. will be releasing a video game later this year — a first-person shooter real-time strategy game like Quake or Splinter Cell Warcraft or Command & Conquer — in which the player takes the role of a Christian paramilitary soldier. Your goal? Convert the citizens of New York City to Christ… or terminate with extreme prejudice. In the game, you are encouraged to convert or kill Jews, Muslims, Catholics, gays, and anyone opposed to your goal of an American theocracy.

Seriously, WTF???

Check out the article at Talk To Action for all the details — it’s a lengthy but informative and chilling read — but here’s the gist: the game, which advocates and depicts graphic, explicit violence against anyone who hasn’t accepted Christ as their personal savior, has strong connections to Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church.

Warren’s organization has made no secret of its intention to create an army of a billion Christian foot-soldiers to literally re-make the world before the oft-delayed second coming. He’s even got the president of Rwanda on board with full cooperation to start there. What better way to get the kids used to killing infidels than by marketing a video game directly to congregations?

The international director of Warren’s church, Mark Carver, sits on the advisory board of Left Behind Games. Tyndale House , which publishes the insanely popular series of Left Behind books, granted the company a license to use the intellectual property of the series to market and design the game — so they approve of using bullets to baptize, as well. So does the mastermind of the Left Behind series of books, Tim LaHaye, who told the LA Times, “We hope kids like the game. Our real goal is to have no one left behind.”

And even if you aren’t translated in the rapture, don’t worry — Warren’s army of video game-trained foot-soldiers will blow you away before the Apocalypse.

This really serves as a reminder: Islam isn’t the only child of Abraham to spawn fundamentalist jihadists. Some come from Lake Forest, California.

Another day, another item on the list of “Why I Am Not A Christian!”