I have greater and greater respect for people who make big things out of little things.

Carpenters. Programmers. Mosaic artists. Tapestry weavers. LEGO enthusiasts. Authors of gignormous multi-volume novels, and intricate gignormous single-volume novels.

“Pilgrimage” is not a big book — probably come in under 100,000 words. But it’s a big thing for me. My biggest writing challenge so far in my baby writing career. Multiple point of view characters means more than just telling the story through different sets of eyes… it means that each one of these viewpoint characters has a story to tell. Somehow, they’ve all got to come together. Or do they?

We’ll see.

I’m not whining, for once. I’m feeling good, really. It’s like a kind of workout. I’m bulking up. I’m gonna be totally pumped uuup, as Ahnahld would say. When this is all done, ask me how much I can bench. G’won, ask me.