Recently, Richard Skaare wrote on the importance of brevity and clarity. He challenged his readers to write about their life, their resume or their business plan in 140 characters or less.

I took up the challenge and decided there was something very useful in this from a social media perspective. I started the #twesume tag on Twitter.

Post Your Twesume on Twitter

Your mission? Post your resume / mission / elevator pitch on Twitter. Use the “#twesume: ” tag — this will make your Twitter resume easy to search and serves to further refine your statement to 130 characters or less.

Why do this? As Richard points out, “forced brevity sharpens the mind and quickens the soul.” It’s a good mental exercise.

It’s also an excellent way to provide an encapsulated description of who you are and what you have to offer to the world. Once you’ve clarified that in your twesume, you can use it everywhere — your other social media profiles, your e-mail signature, your web site… and of course, it fits nicely on a business card, too!

Give your twesume some time. Make sure it’s something you’ll be happy with for a long time. Sure, you can always post another twesume, but that defeats the purpose. Try to get it right the first time out. Make a commitment to it. This will help you focus your energy and efforts.

Here is my twesume.

What Is Twitter?

Not familiar with Twitter? It’s a social media site that asks a simple, open-ended question of its users: “What are you doing?” Users post their response to the site, to the world and to each other using no more than 140 characters.

That’s the literal description of Twitter. You might ask, what’s the point?

My preferred answer to “what is Twitter” is: It’s like being in the biggest cocktail party imaginable. Conversations between friends and strangers drift through the air around you. You can join in, or you can simply listen. Unlike any real-world party, everything is archived for reference any time you want. Bite-sized pieces of wisdom, inanities, links, references, fun, stupidity and news — a mixed bag, but one from which you can pick and choose.

I’m mwsmedia on Twitter. Follow me! I follow everyone back so long as they’re contributing to the conversation.