Twitter Updates for 2007-04-25

  • twitter torrent today! totally! #
  • @SFEley good luck with the gig..! #
  • Heroes = Watchmen ripoff. Still fun, but getting dumb. #
  • cranking out two more titles for podiobooks. at last. #
  • @caseymckinnon bang your head, casey. metal health’ll drive you mad. in a good way. #
  • @SFEley what did I do? #
  • @SFEley not my books!!! #
  • @chris_moody new books — other people’s books. It’s what I do — manage the title updates at ;-/ #
  • I think I confused everyone. I’m not uploading new books by me — I’m uploading new books by other folks. Sorry! #
  • and…. goodnight. #
  • trying out the concept of writing before I go to work #
  • 725 words. They’re not much, but they’re mine! #
  • time to hit the road. #
  • at work — feelin’ good! #
  • @mightymur (everyone else be nice and don’t squat on it) #
  • @andycaster ‘splain it to us! #
  • for makin’ comics out of photos, this is supercool: #

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