Lesson One: Don’t use your blogging platform to write the first draft of a blog post. Especially a long blog post. Most especially a long blog post that is the second installment of an extended series. Really most especially when you’re trying to establish consistency in the posting of the extended series in order to build traffic and reader confidence. Always, always, always do your first draft in a text editor with auto-save enabled.

Lesson Two: Don’t write the second installment of an extended blog series the night before you expect to post it, because unexpected things might happen and you could lose pretty much everything with no recourse, especially if you didn’t learn lesson one, above. ¬†Get two or three installments in the can well ahead of their publication date so you have some space to allow for fuck-ups.

I’ll be in the corner, on the stool. I’ll be the one with the pointy hat on my head. Facing the wall.