On Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 5 PM PST, I hope you’ll join me for a very special WriterCam wherein I finish writing a book: the first draft of “Pilgrimage — A Novel of the Sovereign Era.”

If you’ve never seen a WriterCam, it’s simply a live stream of me writing, faciliatated by Google Hangouts and simul-streamed on YouTube. There’s no sound or interaction with me during most WriterCams (I’m busy writing.) Some people have said it helps inspire them to write as well. Other people say I make funny faces (I do.) My girlfriend thinks I look handsome (I’m glad she thinks so.)

This next WriterCam will be special. I’ll write the sixty fifth and final scene of “Pilgrimage” while the camera is streaming and the world (and you!) are watching.

How often does anyone get to be a fly on the wall at the moment an author finishes writing a book? On Thursday, you can be there.

A chat window is provided on the Google Hangouts page, so folks can chat while I’m laying down the last thousand or so words. I won’t see what you’re talking about, though, so don’t bother trying to get my attention! My focus will be on my writing.

When I finally type “The End,” I’ll turn on the microphone and the interactive features of Google Hangouts and, well, hang out with you for a little while, answer any questions you might have… whatever! I might drink a beer to celebrate. It’s an idea.

How You Can Be There When I Finish Pilgrimage

Anyone who is in my Google Plus circles will receive an invite to the event a few minutes before it starts. If you haven’t already added me to your circles, please do so before Thursday at 4 PM PST. I’ll be sure to add you to my circles so you receive the invitation.

Even if you aren’t on Google Plus, you’ll be able to watch the stream on YouTube, but there’s no chat window and no sharing of the screen during the “after party.” Keep an eye on my Twitter stream and my Facebook page for a link to the stream on YouTube.

For the most fun, though, I hope you’ll be part of the audience in the Google Hangouts, either in the chat or on camera.

See You There!

Come join me on Thursday, January 31st as I finish writing a book!