Who Gives A Shit About the Genre Versus Literary Debate?

Fake Fight Over at SF Signal, a group blog / podcast focused on science fiction media, they’ve resurrected the “genre versus literary” discussion that’s always good for gathering the herd and drawing traffic. In fact, I was all set to contribute to the discussion with my own lengthy blog post. This blog post, in fact.

Before long, though, I had to ask myself: who gives a shit? It’s a non-issue.

To both genre fans and creators who are offended that the best of their works are not considered literature, and those who turn their backs on genre works while refusing to recognize the genre tropes in many literary works… I’d like to suggest that you both need to deal with larger issues of insecurity, or just admit that you’re barking for the sake of making noise.

As always, your thoughts are welcome in the comments.


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