Writing Light Episode Four: Should You Edit While You Write?

In this episode of “Writing ‘Light,'” the video podcast in which I talk about my progress writing my second novel “Light of the Outsider” in the previous week, I talk about a little hiccup I encountered. It seems a couple of my characters were acting like idiots. So what do you do when you’re in the middle of your first draft but there are some mistakes to correct?

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  1. Matt,

    I usually revise as I write, looking over the few pages I had written and make adjustments to make the story tighter and the dialogue sharper. This works waaaaay better than editing at the end. I did that with my first book and had to reread the whole thing six times before I was satisfied with it. It was exhausting. Now, I revise as I write so there is little room for error. Plus, I can honestly tell people I’ve done several drafts of a novel because every time you change something makes it a brand new draft.

    Try that and see if it works. Keep up the good work. I’m sure you’ll finish this project within sixty days.

    • Thanks for the comment, Roberto. You’re essentially describing what I do: make small adjustments to what I’d just written the previous day. However, I don’t stop to fix major issues that might require adding or re-writing scenes. Do you?

      Editing once the entire draft is inevitable to end up with the best work possible, I think. Even with tiny as-I-go edits, I’ll still be copy, line and content editing multiple times when the first draft is complete.

      And thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m sure I’ll finish the first draft by the end of April as well!


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