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Hit the ground running with a one-on-one personal session with a self publishing pioneer with over fifteen years of independent publishing experience.

Book a single one to two hour coaching session and I will answer your questions, offer suggestions and guidance, and help you set real-world expectations for your self-publishing career.

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What Do I Know About Self Publishing?

My name is Matthew Wayne Selznick. I’m an author, editor, creative consultant, and creative writing services provider.

I’ve been self-publishing on the web for nearly a quarter century (pre-dating the Kindle by almost a decade), writing and publishing fiction and creative non-fiction, and helping scores of others do the same.

I’ve seen it all, good and bad, and I’m still at it and, so, still learning with the open attitude of an experienced perpetual beginner.

I’d love to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Book Your Self Publishing 101 Session

Via phone, Zoom, or (if you’re within 15 miles of postal code 92648) ask about meeting in person!

Over the course of an hour, an hour and a half, or two hours (it’s up to you!) I will answer your questions about self publishing.

Naturally, the specifics will depend on you, but by the end of our conversation you will have a more firm grasp on the independent publishing world, building an author platform and personal brand, social media and self promotion, building community, the various markets for distributing and selling your work, and much more.

When you book, be sure to include any specific questions in the notes, and be sure to indicate if you’d prefer a phone call, a Zoom virtual meeting, or an in-person meeting.

The Works of Matthew Wayne Selznick

I’m a veteran author of novels, short stories, serial fiction, and non-fiction with a background in indie publishing dating back to before the turn of the century. Here are my currently available books, short stories, serials, collections, anthologies, and non-fiction works.


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