Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf—A Daikaiju Universe Story

“Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf!” It’s kind of a love story… with giant monsters!

About “Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf”

Fans of Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and classic giant monster movies will enjoy this short story set in my storyworld Daikaiju Universe, where, on a planet Earth much like our own, horrific, ridiculously large, ambulatory forces of nature have been a periodic fact of life since the nineteenth century!

It takes a kaiju storm—a giant monster attack—to bring Reggie Samson back to his old hometown… and the girl he left, but never let go. What connects all three? Reggie needs to find out before kaiju storm Chimera Wolf destroys everything!

This short story is 4,550 words long.

Listen to a sample:

Ebook Or Audiobook Editions

“Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf” is available in an ebook bundle (EPUB and MOBI files) or as a thirty-one minute MP3 audiobook.

Ebook (Kindle / EPUB)
Suggested Price: $1.00
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Audiobook (MP3)
Suggested Price: $1.99
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