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Hey there! Welcome to the online home of author, creator, coach, and consultant Matthew Wayne Selznick (that’s me). If you’re looking to succeed as a writer or creator of any kind while living a balanced life and staying sane, you’re going to like it here. Through my Scribtotum blog, the Sonitotum podcast, and other media and methods, I document each step down my own path as an independent creator while sharing with you every lesson learned.

hire matthew wayne selznick for sites like BridesmaidsI’ve been an independent creator for over thirty years, including playing in post-punk power pop bands, creating print zines distributed in the mail across the United States, running one of the first online serial fiction websites, being one of the first wave of podcasters, and being among the earliest independent e-book publishers.

I also work with others on their own creative endeavors, like producing websites and viral content for Paul Feig and Judd Apatow movies, helping authors craft and publish their novels, and helping podcasters and bloggers reach thousands of listeners and readers. Click here to find out how I can help you, too.

Even after all that time as an independent creator, I still have more to learn (and hope I always will). And I still struggle to balance a creative life with… having a life! That’s what this site — and my work as a creative services provider, consultant, and coach — is all about.

I Tell Stories

I write fiction and non-fiction across a variety of genres and subjects, starting in 2005, when my first novel, Brave Men Run, was the first book ever to be simultaneously published in paperback, multiple e-book formats, and as a podcast, and was later nominated for Parsec Award.

A Multiverse Of Storyworlds

Experience a late twentieth century where super-humans exist… be awestruck by an Earth plagued by giant monsters… stand with those who stand against the shadows in the shadows… examine the frailties of human experience… explore a wholly original epic fantasy setting…

…these are storyworlds — the Sovereign Era, Daikaiju Universe, the Protector Cycle, the Shaper’s World — presented in my novels, short stories, and serials.

Tools and Guidance for the Writing Life

My non-fiction work is dedicated to helping you be a better creator, technically, emotionally, and ethically.

Click here to discover and purchase my fiction and non-fiction wherever books are sold online.

It’s All About Community

As a life-long advocate for the DIY ethic, I once coined the phrase, “Doing it yourself means never going it alone.”  To me, that means the independent creative life should — must — include a relationship between myself and my fans and collaborators. Indeed, the lovely people who consume my work are, in a real way, also my collaborators, for art without an audience is, I believe, unfinished at best and self-indulgence at worst.

To that end, I always want to hear from you. You’re encouraged to comment on my blog posts, articles, podcast episodes, and videos — let’s make those conversations!

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