What's happening here, you ask? On the twenty third anniversary of Declaration Day, April 18, 2008, I applied my signature to an agreement with Swarm Press to re-issue the paperback edition of “Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era.”

Swarm is a new imprint of Permuted Press, a small independent publisher in Mena, Arkansas run by Jacob Kier. While Permuted is well established in the zombie / apocalyptic genres, Swarm will feature speculative fiction, action/adventure, and that baby sub-genre of science fiction I know so well, super-hero fiction. We’re shooting for a Summer, 2008 release.

We Thought Matt Was All DIY And Stuff!

So why am I forgoing self-publishing through Lulu.com in favor of working with a small press? How can I advocate the DIY ethic and turn over part of my creative endeavors to a third party? Dear heavens, has Selznick sold out?

I’ve always said that I would consider a publishing deal… if it was the right deal. I’ve never sought one out, but twice now, offers have come.

The first time was last June, from St. Martin’s Press… “Brave Men Run” was championed by the excellent David Moldawer for a line they were considering, and the book got to the editorial board before they passed. David understood what I was trying to do with “Brave Men Run,” and he gets new media. I’m grateful to him for taking it as far as he could!

Then, twelve days ago, I got an exploratory e-mail from Jacob at Permuted. We exchanged a flurry of correspondence as I tested the water. I consulted with some friends and colleagues to get impressions, advice, and opinions — I owe them, and I’m lucky to have such people in my life! I had an hour-and-a-half telephone conversation with Jacob on Monday. We talked about new media, the power of the podcasting community and audience, and the growing force that is the cadre of podcast novelists.

Jacob gets it, too. His zombie-lit Permuted Press is a labor of love that has grown into a well-respected house in that genre. Some of his authors started their books as blogs and some give away entire books online, so he understands and embraces the power of new media and the direct connection / fuzzy line between content creator and content consumer. I get the impression he’s genuinely excited by the passion and commitment alive in the podcasting sphere.

What does Swarm Press bring me that I couldn’t get by myself? What am I giving up? Why is this the right deal?

I’m giving Swarm the right to print the book and distribute it world-wide — I still have all other rights. In return, I get professional editing, typesetting, design, and cover art. I get a marketing budget and another brain to help think of ways to promote “Brave Men Run” and myself. I get to be associated with a publisher with a great track record with award-nominated, top-selling books and a strong community.

I’m the guy who always says that doing it yourself should never mean going it alone. I look at this as a mutually-beneficial team-up: DIY author and DIY publisher. I think we’ll be stronger together.

Additionally, I like being there at the beginning. I was one of the first music podcasters, one of the first podcast novelists, and one of the early champions of the new Internet merit economy. I like the idea that I’ll be one of the first authors published by Swarm Press, too.

What Happens Next?

We’re going to move fast getting “Brave Men Run” to print. I’m hoping for the middle of July. Yes, we’re going to ask you all to do another rush at the gates of Amazon.com when the time comes — we want “Brave Men Run” and Swarm Press to make a huge impact, right out of the gate. I’ve got some fun ideas regarding that day. More on that as we get closer to go-time.

I’m going to be reaching out to everyone who ever enjoyed “Brave Men Run,” and everyone who has supported or expressed an interest in me and my works. I’ll be asking you for support, and calling you to action. Again, more on that as the magic day draws nearer.

I’ll be hitting the podcast trail, pushing “Brave Men Run,” Swarm Press, and new media. I’ve got a big metaphorical glass of water and I’ve been gargling metaphorical chili pepper juice… I’m ready to talk, talk, talk, and talk to you, podcasters. I’ll also be engaging traditional media as much as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Meanwhile, the paperback edition of “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era” will not be available until the Swarm Press edition is in print. If you have a copy of the original MWS Media edition with the orange cover, consider it a collector’s item!

The last two weeks, coupled with my already renewed effort on the follow-up to “Brave Men Run,” “Pilgrimage,” has me charged up and pushing even harder to finish that book. You’ll see “Pilgrimage” in some form before the end of this year.

Your First Mission

This is a simple on, gang. It’s the same thing I’ve asked all along… the same thing that helped bring the “Brave Men Run” podcast so many listeners:

Tell everyone you know!

If you’ve read or listened to “Brave Men Run,” start with a review at Amazon.com.

Thank you… my friends and my fans, this has happened because of you. I am forever grateful.