Let’s get to the point right away:
Screenshot of BMR's peak on the Amazon.com bestseller charts

Thanks to Stormy for grabbing that image — by that point in the day (somewhere between seven and eight PM Pacific Time) I didn’t have the presence of mind, I’m afraid. I noticed it, I tweeted it… but I didn’t screenshot it. So hurrah for the quick thinking of Stormy!

Yes, my friends, you did it. 1,027 of you attended the eight hour streaming video web-a-thon on Sovereign Summer Sunday. An average of a hundred of you were in the chat room per hour. Some of you were there nearly the entire day. Some, like James Melzer, took the day off of work to be there for the whole thing! You chatted, caroused, and tried to break Ustream’s filter to the best of your ability. You Digged, tweeted, blogged, and cajoled people to come and join you.

Together, you pushed the Swarm Press edition of “Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era” deep into the top 100 at Amazon.com and three places away from the top fifty. I couldn’t be more honored, touched, and pleased at your efforts on my behalf.

A video archive of the event will be available soon — I’m working with Revver to put them up, and some are already available here. Once everything is up and ready, I’ll post them on the blog.

Meanwhile, we have a near-complete chat archive of the webathon, thanks to Kevin Crosby! It’s on Eastern Time, and starts about an hour and a half into the event. It’s an 89 page .pdf, and I’m looking forward to reading it, since for much of the day I was reading stories and not looking at the chat!

As for the podcast anthology of the stories you heard on that day… stay tuned. I may have even more exciting news about that in the near future. In the mean time, I’ll get those videos up as soon as possible.

Thank you, everyone. You really did make history.

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