After wrestling with Revver, Ustream, YouTube, and several different video conversion applications, I remembered that the excellent WordPress plugin PodPress supports Flash video. So the complete video record of July 13, 2008 — Sovereign Summer Sunday — is now available right here. Enjoy!

There are still plans to release of the short stories I read that day as a podcast fiction anthology on… eventually. There are some tentative plans in the works that have delayed that release for the moment. I can’t say much more about it now, except that I believe (if everything works out as it might) you won’t be disappointed and thanks for your patience!

So… a week after Sovereign Summer Sunday, what does it all mean? What kind of impact does reaching the edge of the top fifty on really have?

Well, for one thing, we have to remember that the book reached that height — thanks to your amazing support — on one Sunday in July. Twenty four hours later, it dropped out of the top 100, and as I write this, it’s floating around the 18,000 mark. I hasten to add, that’s nothing to sneeze at — it’s currently higher than all other traditionally published novels from podcast novelists, all but four Permuted Press titles, and literally millions above anything else published by Swarm Press (though I’m looking forward to that changing when “Playing For Keeps” is released on August 25th.)

I’m still not sure how many actual copies were sold on July 13 — valuable information for any other podcast novelist who might attempt a run in the future. The real question is: did the publishing industry notice? Did agents notice? Movers and shakers in other media? Time will tell… and I’ll share with all of you just as soon as I know.

I still call Sovereign Summer Sunday a huge success — make no mistake! Although it was less than a week ago, it’s already starting to feel like it was much longer ago than that. That’s Internet time for you, I reckon. Plus, the attention of the podosphere is already moving on to the next big events in podcast novels: Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris August 8 “Double Trouble” event, and Mur Lafferty’s own rush for “Playing for Keeps” on August 25, 2008.

Which means it’s time to start saving our money to support those folks… and it leaves me with some time and energy to spend a little more on writing, and a little less on promotion. Of course, I’m still open to interviews, appearances, signings, and all that fun stuff… gotta keep it going!