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It’s May, 2018, and Right Now I’m…

  • Creating the website for a brand new picture book author
  • Helping a noted psychotherapist, author, and speaker conceive, record, and produce a new podcast
  • Helping a new Oregon bed and breakfast set up their booking system, email, and marketing
  • Designing the e-book and paperback editions of an author’s third memoir
  • Managing content and podcasts for that same author’s podcast
  • Coaching and managing content for the author of a true crime book and blog
  • Serving as web manager and online consultant for a municipality in New York state
  • Writing articles helping you create a successful, balanced, and sane creative life
  • Recording and producing the first few episodes of my podcast Sonitotum
  • Creating content for my patrons
  • Developing a free offering for my mailing list community members
  • Doubling down, focusing on the essentials, and renewing my commitments to myself
  • Embracing the Spring!

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Now Now initiative.

What are you up to right now? Reach out and tell me about it! Maybe I can help you.

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