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It’s November, 2018, and Right Now I’m…

  • Realizing I forgot to make an October NOW page! Oops! Anyone notice?
  • Writing draft manuscript pages of Light of the Outsider, a Shaper’s World novel.
  • Creating the ebook and paperback editions of the seventh volume of an indie mystery writer’s ongoing series.
  • Managing content and podcasts for an author’s website.
  • Coaching and managing content for the author of a true crime book and blog.
  • Serving as web manager and online consultant for a municipality in New York state.
  • Working with that same municipality to plan and build a brand new website.
  • Planning new articles helping you create a successful, balanced, and sane creative life.
  • Recording and producing episodes of my podcast Sonitotum.
  • Developing a free offering for my mailing list community members.
  • Doing my best to maintain a Morning Pages habit.
  • Making a concerted effort to socialize more with friends old and new… in person!
  • Embracing the love that’s in my life.
  • Continuing to strive to be authentic and true to myself. Sound cheesy? Try it.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Now Now initiative.

What are you up to right now? Reach out and tell me about it! Maybe I can help you.

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